How Much RAM Should You Allocate to Minecraft: Explained

Have you ever played Minecraft? Because if you haven’t yet, you’re missing a masterpiece. Minecraft is one of the most iconic games ever made.

It is played by the most popular gamers in the streaming industry and is known by everyone. For teens, Minecraft has become one of the most remarkable childhood core memories because of its quality. 

If you are interested in playing Minecraft, you’ll need to know how much RAM you need on your desktop or phone to run it. But before answering that, you’ll need to have a grasp of the game first. 

The History of Minecraft 

Minecraft was created last 2009 by a man named Markus Persson, who is also known by the name Notch. It was actually called Cave Game at first, and for sure you understand why when you played it.

Minecraft is all about being creative in your world. You create your own house, then fight zombies at night. It has two kinds of modes for everyone to enjoy. 

Survival Mode 

The Survival Mode of Minecraft is all about survival itself. You will be spawned in a random world. You could be on the land of ice, water, jungle, or the earthy one.

Either way, you’ll have to survive on your first day of survival. To stay, it means you need to gather essential resources such as woods, cobblestones, minerals, and food. 

Then, you can create weapons and tools so that you can gather resources faster. Did I already tell you you’ll need to build a house? That’s because when the sun goes down, monsters will come. So, it is essential to make yourself weapons, beds, and torches to get through the night. 

The Survival Mode of Minecraft is endless because you can spend your time exploring the map, mining minerals, or building the enders portal where you can get to another magical world. 

Creative Mode 

In Minecraft’s Creative Mode, you will also get spawned on a random world, but the difference is that you have unlimited resources. From all the foods to all the blocks to all the weapons.

So what can you do in this mode? You can do whatever comes to your mind. Some play creative ways to experiment with respawning and discovering new tools. Some play this to build architectural buildings through extravagant resources. 

There is no need to fight monsters in Creative Mode, even if it gets dark. In fact, you can even sit beside a creeper, have a cup of coffee together, and talk about life. Kidding. But anyways, a creative mode is all about experiencing a cheat mode of unlimited resources. 

How to Install Minecraft 

Now that you’re interested in installing Minecraft is pretty simple. You can install it on different devices because it has a desktop version and a mobile version. 

For Desktop 

Step 1: Visit the Windows Store and search for Minecraft. Then buy it to have access to install. 

Step 2: Accept permissions and install Minecraft APK on your desktop. 

Step 3: Choose Your mode of the game and enjoy. 

For Other Devices 

Step 1: Visit your device’s App Store or Google Play Store and search for the Application of Minecraft. 

Step 2: Upon purchasing it, it will be automatically downloaded, and you can install the APK.

Step 3: Accept the permissions needed, then run it. Afterward, choose a game mode and enjoy your game. 

Even though Minecraft is pretty easy to install, there are still questions surrounding it, so that those questions will be answered here. 

How Much RAM Should You Allocate to Minecraft? 

It is recommended to have at least the RAM of two gigabytes to run Minecraft on either Desktop or Mobile. Basically, the higher the RAM, the smoother and better performance towards the game.

Furthermore, if you will use a lot of mods in playing Minecraft, you can always consider raising your RAM from 2GB to 4-6GB. 

Having 2GB RAM for Minecraft means you have 2GB of RAM that is available. So, if you have too many apps and only have 2GB, it could cause lagging issues in playing Minecraft.

Thus, ensure that you have free RAM storage upon installing Minecraft. 

How to Check Your Available RAM In Your Device? 

Here are the ways to check your available RAM in your device so that you can see if Minecraft is applicable for your device or not.

For Computer

  1. See the Windows Start Menu and click on it. There is a search tab that will be seen there. 
  2. Type “System Information” in the search tab and wait for results. 
  3. There are results that you can see but choose and click on the “System Information” settings. 
  4. Scroll and browse until you see the Installed Physical Memory, the RAM, and check how much available memory you have left on your desktop. 

For Mobile Devices 

  1. Go to your device’s general settings. 
  2. Go to About Phone in the background. 
  3. Check the available RAM. 

Why is RAM Important in Playing Minecraft

It is essential to know that RAM is the space that can give you smoother displays necessary for every application and task, not just for Minecraft.

However, RAM is also important in Minecraft as it can improve the game’s FPS for smoother performance. It can also enable your computer to run additional software tasks. Here are some benefits that a good RAM can give in your Minecraft. 

It can improve a user’s experience with a smoother server display, and it can give top-notch FPS, which can provide you a faster rendering.

As you already know, Minecraft needs a lot of loading, especially when traveling on a new map. Thus, without enough RAM, the rendering of the world could take more time than usual. 

RAM can eliminate some errors and issues related to crashes. Thus if you have a great RAM, you will rarely experience lagging upon playing. 


We hope that this review helped users understand Minecraft better and how much RAM you need to install it. Remember that the better RAM you have means you can enjoy the game better. So, if you are planning to play Minecraft today, ensure that you have enough storage.