How to Make Hangar in Little Alchemy 2

Just like how humans live in houses to protect themselves from outer threats, most things in the world need similar protection. Moreover, houses protect us from dangerous living beings such as wild animals as well as non-living things such as the weather and direct sunlight.

In the same way, did you know vehicles also need protection? Perhaps wild animals may not harm them but other factors such as weather and sunlight surely do. And obviously, we can’t maintain them out in an open area where we don’t have the proper equipment.

Therefore, vehicles such as cars and bikes are stored and maintained in garages. Whereas, aircraft and spacecraft are held in hangars. Further, the thing that makes them stand out is their large entrances that allow the wings of aircraft to get in without a problem.

Likewise, hangars have all the equipment required to maintain aircraft and spacecraft. And, hangars also protect them from outer threats that can damage them in the long run. For example, the metal body used to make aircraft can erode due to sunlight and rain.

However, our topic for today revolves around obtaining the Hangar element in Little Alchemy 2. Hence, if you need to hold something, Hangar will allow you to do so. Also, we will be using Metal and Rocket as the key ingredients.

But before we get started, you can take a look at the below list to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

Walkthrough for Hanger in Little Alchemy 2

  • Container + Helicopter
  • Airplane + House
  • Rocket + Wall
  • Barn + Spaceship

Step 1: Create Metal

Certainly, metals are one of the most used materials in the real world. Further, they are strong and reliable so we can use them to manufacture many things. In the same way, bodies of aircraft and spacecraft are made using metal.

Hence, we can see why Little Alchemy 2 requires Metal to obtain Hangar. And, you can simply obtain the Metal element as follows:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Fire = Metal

With our first key ingredient out of the list, we can move on to creating something we can hold in the hangar.

Step 2: Create Rocket

For now, how about we store a rocket in the hangar? That means we will now use Metal to create the body of the Rocket element. Although engineering a rocket is a really difficult task, Little Alchemy 2 makes things really easy for us.

To clarify, follow the below steps to obtain the Rocket element:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Metal = Rocket

Whew! We are just one step away from obtaining the goal element. So, let’s not make you wait any longer, alright?

Step 3: Create Hangar

With the Rocket element ready to stay in the hangar, the only thing we need are walls to enclose the property. Hence, we will first create the Wall element and combine it with Rocket to obtain Hangar.

To sum up, the below steps will help you obtain the Hangar element:

  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Wall + Rocket = Hangar

Congrats! You successfully obtained the Hangar element and have proven your alchemy skills.

Alternative Ways To Obtain Hangar

However, one last thing that remains is the creativity that Little Alchemy 2 wants its players to use. So, wouldn’t it be a waste if we didn’t try using different elements to obtain the Hangar element?

Similarly, the following list shows all the alternative ways you can use to obtain Hangar:

  • Wall + Airplane = Hangar
  • Wall + Helicopter = Hangar
  • Wall + Seaplane = Hangar
  • Wall + Spaceship = Hangar
  • Barn + Airplane = Hangar
  • Barn + Helicopter = Hangar
  • Barn + Rocket = Hangar
  • Barn + Seaplane = Hangar
  • Barn + Spaceship = Hangar
  • House + Airplane = Hangar
  • House + Helicopter = Hangar
  • House + Rocket = Hangar
  • House + Seaplane = Hangar
  • House + Spaceship = Hangar
  • Container + Airplane = Hangar
  • Container + Helicopter = Hangar
  • Container + Rocket = Hangar
  • Container + Seaplane = Hangar
  • Container + Spaceship = Hangar

Give yourself a huge pat! You have been doing a great job. And, you shouldn’t stop here as Little Alchemy 2 has a lot out there for you to explore.


Lastly, this is where we part ways but make sure to use the Hangar element to obtain even more elements. In fact, Little Alchemy 2 is a game with no limitations so use your creativity to keep exploring.

We will be cheering for you, adventurer!