How to Make Immortality in Little Alchemy 2 (Step-by-Step Guide)

In past alchemy element combination games, players could effortlessly make immortal gods and monsters by combining basic and complex elements. In “Little Alchemy 2” you make most of these beings with special elements like Immortality. 

As noted on the “Little Alchemy 2 Official Hints and Cheats” web page, you can’t make Immortality by combining any other elements in the game.

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Instead, you only gain access to Immortality if you have the “Myths and Monsters” content pack. Follow these steps to acquire it:

1. Create the World on the Right Device

The “Myths and Monsters” content pack is only available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re currently playing the game on a web browser, you must download the “Little Alchemy 2” app to a compatible phone, tablet, or other devices.

Google Android users can find the app on Google Play. And, Apple iOS users can find it in the Apple App Store.


Switching to a compatible device does mean that you must start over from scratch. The game developer doesn’t provide you with an option to transfer your current browser-based online progress and collected elements to the app.

2. Navigate to the “Little Alchemy 2” Store

At the time of this publication, players can only use the “Myths and Monsters” content pack if they purchase it in the app’s store for the equivalent of $2.99 (U.S.) plus any applicable tax.

Although some players might feel that the pack should be free, it’s important to keep in mind that the developer has made the main game and hundreds of elements free to everyone, which makes this amount a small price to pay.

The Store icon button features a line-drawing image of a brick-and-mortar store with an old-fashioned awning and the word “Store” beneath it. It’s located on the left side or bottom of the screen in the yellow navigation bar near the Encyclopedia and Hints options. 

3. Add the Pack to Acquire Immortality

You don’t have to make a lot of element combinations to collect the Immortality element in “Little Alchemy 2,” as seen in other alchemy-style games.

Instead, you receive it automatically as a basic element, also known as a starting item, after you add the content pack to the main game.

The Immortality element is considered one of the basic building blocks in the creation of myths and monsters along with the Good, Evil, and Monster elements.

To add the pack to the game, tap the “Purchase” button and follow the on-screen instructions. 

That’s it. You’ve made Immortality!

The Immortality icon, a golden infinity symbol atop a dark circular background, appears in your collection of elements. It’s described with the words “The perpetual shelf life of a god.” 

Why Is Immortality a Necessity in “Little Alchemy 2”?

Immortality isn’t a necessity. You can enjoy the creation of 720 elements without the “Myths and Monsters” pack. That said, you can’t fully explore the game world and its real-world educational lessons, or the current 110 additional elements in the Myths and Monsters pack, without making the acquisition of the Immortality element a priority.

You also can’t access many mythic deities and monsters noted in previous walkthrough guides without the pack and, in some cases, the Immortality element. 

Historically, humans explained the unexplainable in their world and explored their desires and fears with the creation of myths and monsters. Immortality represents the human need to overcome death with the idea of everlasting life.

Some people believe that only certain beings, such as gods and goddesses, have the right to retain beauty, youth, and life forever.

Other people believe in the immortality of the soul and that they achieve eternal life after they die and leave behind their inadequate human form.

Although the word immortality has been traced to the 14th century, many ancient civilizations believed in the idea of everlasting life. Some people built complex architecture and other wonders in celebration and worship of immortal gods and monsters.

In some cases, they believed that their gods could imbue them or chosen people with protection against harm and perfect health. 

Scholars throughout history have attempted to find ways to become immortal via objects believed to have been created by gods or magic. They’ve also sought answers about immortality through alchemy, geographic exploration, and scientific inquiry. 

In “Little Alchemy 2,” Immortality gives you access to 15 additional special elements that directly relate to the idea of eternal life:

  • Immortality + Mummy = Ankh
  • Immortality + Cat = Baast
  • Immortality + Book = Book of the Dead
  • Immortality + Hippo = Tawaret
  • Immortality + Fruit = Peach of Immortality
  • Immortality + Fruit Tree = Peach of Immortality
  • Immortality + Monkey = Sun Wukong
  • Immortality + Hero = Achilles
  • Immortality + Warrior = Achilles
  • Immortality + Human = Diety
  • Immortality + Dragon = Ouroboros
  • Immortality + Snake = Ouroboros
  • Immortality + Tree = Yggdrasil
  • Immortality + Evil = Demon
  • Immortality + Cup = Holy Grail
  • Immortality + Fountain = Fountain of Youth
  • Immortality + Bottle = Elixir of Life
  • Immortality + Container = Elixir of Life
  • Immortality + Liquid = Elixir of Life
  • Immortality + Alchemist = Philosopher’s Stone
  • Immortality + Rock = Philosopher’s Stone
  • Immortality + Stone = Philosopher’s Stone

Exploring Everything That Immortality Has to Offer…

With the elements created from Immortality, you can learn about the many other mythic and monstrous beings that people have come to believe have some sort of link to eternal life. With Peach of Immortality, for example, you can find a Chinese Dragon.

You can create a Paladin with the Holy Grail and then the legendary Durendal. With Ouroboros, you can make the Midgard or World Serpent that encircles the world, Jörmungandr, who was believed to be a child of the Jötunn Loki in Norse legends.

The Diety element gives you access to dozens of additional legendary figures, including Aeolus, Camazotz, Chang’e, Cthulhu, Cupid, Dionysus, Epona, Dryad, Father Time, Fenrir, Garuda, Giant, Green Man, Kitsune, Maui, Poseidon, Quetzalcoatl, Ra, Rainbow Serpent, Thor, Valkyrie, Vulcan, World Turtle, and Zeus. You can also use Diety to discover a Cosmic Egg, Heaven, Mjölnir, Mount Olympus, and Pandora’s Box.