How to Make Car in Little Alchemy 2 (Step-by-Step Guide)

Cars are a huge part of our everyday lives; since the very first automobile wheels hit the streets the world has been beyond fascinated.

We have shows, movies, songs, and lifestyles all surrounding the grand creation of the 4 wheel mobile, it’s no wonder that we’re curious to create them in the vast world of video games as well.

From the streets of Grand Theft Auto to Mario Kart, it’s all about the cool car; now let’s take a look at the car in the purple oasis of Little Alchemy 2.

This article is a part of LifeRejoice’s step-by-step ‘how to’ guide series for making Elements in Little Alchemy 2. Click here to check out more Little Alchemy 2 Element guides.

Follow along with these well-laid-out steps to get your very first Little Alchemy 2 car, and even some fun extras to go along with it. Strap on that seatbelt, and let’s ride!

Steps You Need To Create A Car

As you may have learned for yourself if you’ve been mixing and matching with Little Alchemy 2 for a while, there are sometimes quite a few steps to take to get to one final destination.

With the assistance of Little Alchemy 2 cheats, we’ll be well on our way to zooming and vrooming. In the case that you have some of these elements already though, please feel free to skip ahead to the parts where you are looking for guidance. 

Step 1: Create Clay

Something neat about Little Alchemy 2 is that whenever you create an item it can almost always be used in the assistance to create yet another element; everything has a role and part!

With these steps, you’ll be creating the elements you’ll need throughout this car recipe, whether they are used immediately or later down the line. 

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Follow along with these combinations and let’s make some clay!

Air + Air = Pressure

Pressure + Earth = Stone

Water + Earth = Mud

Mud + Stone = Clay

Step 2: Create a Sea

Here are go onto our next combination, our very own sea! Get ready to become very familiar with water, we’ll be using a lot of it! 

Water + Water = Puddle

Puddle + Water = Pond

Pond + Water = Lake

Lake + Water = Sea 

Step 3: Create Life

Now it’s time for a big one, Dr. Frankenstein would be so proud! He’d probably also get a huge kick out of this game!

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Fire + Earth = Lava

Lava + Sea = Primordial Soup

Earth + Lava = Volcano

Volcano + Primordial Soup = Life

Step 4: Create a Human 

This won’t be a very long step to follow, but it is a very vital one! Plus, you can use the Human element to create a ton of different combinations; have fun with it!

Check the step-by- step guide: How to Make Human in Little Alchemy 2

Life + Clay = Human

Step 5: Create Tool

Also an important step in this recipe, the tool can be used in a variety of different combinations it’s just where your imagination wanders to find it. 

Check the step-by- step guide: How to Make Tool in Little Alchemy 2

Fire + Stone = Metal

Metal + Human = Tool

Step 6: Create Wheel to get Car

The final stretch, here it is, you’ll finally be able to combine, create, and know how to make a car in Little Alchemy 2! 

Tool + Water = Wheel

Metal + Wheel = Car

Well, you did it, and in 6 easy steps! If you’re curious to know the other combinations you can do to acquire a car we’ll list them in just a moment. But stick around to get those fun extras mentioned earlier!

Alternative Car Combinations

According to GambleDude on YouTube, there are several other avenues you can take to create a car on Little Alchemy 2. Here is a list of the very basic formulas: 

  • Bicycle + Wheel = Car
  • Cart + Combustion Engine = Car
  • Combustion Engine + Wagon = Car
  • Machine + Motorcycle = Car
  • Metal + Wheel = Car
  • Motorcycle + Wheel = Car
  • Steel + Wheel = Car
  • Bicycle + Bicyle = Car
  • Motocycle + Motorycle = Car

Creating Cool Items With The Car Element

Now that you’ve got the car, what can you do with it exactly? Well, you are in luck, although some items in Little Alchemy 2 have a dead-end this element will keep on surprising you.

We’re going to guide you through a cool item that you can add to your Encyclopedia.

Steps You Need To Create An Ice Cream Truck

You scream I scream, don’t we all scream for ice cream? Walkthrough these simple steps to know how to create an Ice Cream Truck in Little Alchemy 2. 

Step 1: Create Clay 

From our previous steps you’ve pretty much got clay, and other recipe items within these steps, down to a science (no pun intended) but we’ll list them here once again in case you’ve skipped over or just for good practice!

Air + Air = Pressure 

Pressure + Earth = Stone

Water + Earth = Mud

Mud + Stone = Clay

Step 2: Create a Sea

Once again here is an item that we’ve covered, so if you’d like to skip on down until you see a bolded step for an item you do not yet have, please feel free to!

Water + Water = Puddle 

Puddle + Water = Pond

Pond + Water = Lake

Lake + Water = Sea

Step 3: Create Human Life

For the sake of knowing some of these steps already, we’ve shortened this one up just a tad. The challenging new steps are on their way, we promise!

Fire + Earth = Lava

Lava + Sea = Primordial Soup

Earth + Lava = Volcano

Volcano + Primordial Soup = Life

Life + Clay = Human

Step 4: Create Heat

Things are heating up now! Let’s dive into the combinations we may not be so familiar with. 

Fire + Fire = Energy 

Energy + Air = Heat

Step 5: Create Mist

You don’t want to mist this step, okay we’ll cool it down on the puns. Or at least try. 

Air + Water = Mist

Step 6: Create a Planet

We’ve created life, now it’s time to create other planets! Rest assured these random items will all make sense in the end. 

Earth + Earth = Land

Land + Land = Continent 

Continent + Continent = Planet

Step 7: Create a Cloud

Don’t get your head stuck up there, but here we go on making some fluffy clouds. 

Planet + Air = Atmosphere 

Atmosphere + Mist = Cloud

Step 8: Create the Cold

Now we’re getting somewhere, you can’t have ice cream without the cold!

Cloud + Heat = Rain

Rain + Human = Cold

Step 9: Create a House

Aww, let’s make an adorable little house (this is a cool item that can be combined with other items as well, keep that one in mind when you’re playing next time)!

Fire + Mud = Brick

Brick + Brick = Wall

Wall + Wall = House

Step 10: Create a Field 

Within these combinations will be another interesting item that you may be able to explore further by yourself, maybe you can take a guess what it is. 

Fire + Stone = Metal

Metal + Earth = Plow

Plow + Earth = Field 

Step 11: Create a Barn

It’s a simple life, the barn life, and even more so a simple Little Alchemy 2 formula! 

Field + House = Barn

Step 12: Create a Cow

Why, what kind of a barn would it truly be without an authentic and moody cow? 

Life + Land = Animal 

Animal + Field = Livestock 

Livestock + Barn = Cow

Step 13: Create a Farmer

And just who is going to look after that cow? None other than a trusty farmer of course!

Human + Field = Farmer

Step 14: Create Ice Cream

You’ve gathered the final ingredients for this yummy recipe; let’s bring it on home!

Farmer + Cow = Milk

Milk + Cold = Ice Cream

Step 15: Create Ice Cream Truck

Last but not least, we have our one last combination, with our car element now, to create a cool and retro ice cream truck. 

Ice Cream + Car = Ice Cream Truck

Look at all the awesome things you’ve learned how to create, and walkthrough there are hundreds more out there waiting for you to combine and celebrate with Little Alchemy 2!