How to Make Light Bulb in Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2” features a lot of light-based elements. The Light Bulb is the foundation of several artificial ones. 

The game gives you only three-element combination options to make Light Bulb. How much time and effort it takes for you to make it depends entirely on how far you’ve progressed in the game.

Step 1: A Bright Idea That Started With Humans

Artificial light only exists because humans one day imagined that they could replicate the light and heat found in nature using tools made by their own hands.

Although it took centuries of trial and error, humans eventually found a way to make artificial light using replicated lighting, electricity, and the ingenious object that modern humans now take for granted known as the light bulb.

If you already have the Human element, you can proceed to Step 2. If not, then you need to make Human now so that you have it available in Step 2 to make the Light Bulb element. Combine the following elements:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Puddle = Pond
  • Pond + Pond = Lake
  • Lake + Lake = Sea
  • Earth + Sea = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Primordial Soup + Energy = Life
  • Earth + Water = Mud
  • Air + Air = Pressure
  • Pressure + Earth = Stone
  • Mud + Stone = Clay

The Human icon pops up the screen displaying a golden circle containing a golden figure with their arms outstretched to the sides. It’s described with the words “The most dangerous game.”

Step 2: Develop a Creative Spark

Throughout history, people looked up into the skies and observed the arc of lightning within the clouds and from the clouds to the ground below.

As time passed, they began to associate lightning’s awesome power and light with other light-based elements like Fire and the Sun.

By the 19th century, they gained some mastery over the fire with the creation of gas-based heating and light systems. They learned they could recreate heat, warmth, and light by burning various gaseous fuels. 

Before the electric light bulb, gaslighting cast light into the darkest nights via street lamps, which made it easier for people to see their way home and forced criminals to hide in the shadows and reconsider nighttime crimes.

Yet, some people still imagined a world in which they could master lightning for a similar purpose. They also wanted a cleaner source of power for heat and light to gift to the masses from all walks of life and imagined that electricity was a resourceful solution that would cost far less than gas fuel sources. 

As you can guess, you need the Lightning element to make the leap from lightning to electricity. If you don’t already have the Lightning or subsequent Electricity elements in your collection, combine the following:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Air + Planet = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud
  • Energy + Cloud = Lightning

The Lightning icon appears onscreen as a golden lightning bolt strikes the ground. The description beneath it says, “When clouds try to be flashy.”

The Electricity icon appears as a white sparking device. It’s described as “Charged particles, or as it’s more technically known: THE POWER OF THE GODS.”

Step 3: Illuminate the World

Of course, humanity couldn’t harness electricity to make a lasting, safe light source without the light bulb. By the end of the 19th century, several inventors had developed artificial incandescent light bulb products.

They controlled the flow of electricity through a wire filament contained within glass. As they developed these products, they realized that filament would burn too hot and break if exposed to too much oxygen in the air, which is why they enclosed it in a glass

In “Little Alchemy 2,” players thankfully don’t have to recreate all of a light bulb’s parts to make the Light Bulb element. You merely need to make basic associations by combining the following:

  • Air + Stone = Sand
  • Fire + Sand = Glass

The Glass icon appears as a glass ball with the words “A brittle, transparent substance, and primary weapon in the war against ants” beneath it.

Now you can recreate the light bulb!

  • Electricity + Glass = Light Bulb

The associated icon appears onscreen as a glass light bulb with a glowing center. It’s described with the words “An illuminator, both physically and mentally.”

Sidebar: If the Light element appears onscreen at this time as well, then you’ve unlocked it as a special element instead of by combining Electricity with a Light Bulb, which is one of two standard methods available for making it. Light is only unlockable if you reach a certain mysterious point in the game.

Alternative Methods: Lighting the Way

Players receive two additional options for making Light Bulb in “Little Alchemy 2.” Yet, both of these methods appear to act as reminders of the interconnectivity of certain elements rather than as examples of the first development of an element.

For example, you can make Light Bulb by combining the Glass and Light elements

That said, you can’t easily collect the Light element unless you unlocked it already. The only other ways to make it are by combining Electricity with Light Bulb or Flashlight.

Since the goal is to make Light Bulb, the first method only reveals how Light and Light Bulb connect in the real world. 

The game provides you with four ways to make Flashlight. Three of those methods require that you also have Light Bulb. The only other possible way to make Flashlight to then make Light so that you can combine that element with Glass is by combining the Tool and Light elements!

Obviously, this means that you can only make Light Bulb using Glass and Light IF you unlocked Light by progressing to a certain point in the game.

The only other option for making a Light Bulb is by combining Light with the concept-based Container element. Again, you need to already have Light to make this combination work.

How Does Light Bulb Work in “Little Alchemy 2”?

As in the real world, the Light Bulb element connects directly with artificial light sources like electric lights, lamps, and flashlights. It also connects with twinkling Christmas tree lights.

Given the popularity of electric light bulbs and the amazing feat of harnessing the power of lightning, people started to associate the illumination of these bulbs with innovative ideas. Terms like “bright idea” came into being along with the use of the light bulb as a symbol of a sudden or imaginative idea.

As a result, Light Bulb helps you make some of these elements in the game. If you have the Myths and Monsters paid content pack, you can also make the Will-o’-the-Wisp monster.

The game developer’s reasons for connecting these elements are unknown, but they’re likely shining a light on tales of frightening ghost lights seen at night before the creation of gas street lamps and then electric lights.

Modern science has revealed that some of these tales likely had a basis in truth because of sudden, short emissions or bursts of light from gases found in nature at night caused by natural chemical reactions.

  • Light Bulb + Engineer = Idea
  • Light Bulb + Human = Idea
  • Light Bulb + Science = Idea
  • Light Bulb + Electricity = Light
  • Light Bulb + Metal = Lamp
  • Light Bulb + Steel = Lamp
  • Light Bulb + Tool = Flashlight
  • Light Bulb + Tree = Christmas Tree
  • Light Bulb + Monster = Will-o’-the-Wisp

A Light Bulb Turns On

If you didn’t know some or all of the historical facts about light and light bulbs in this guide, then you’ve now had a version of a light bulb moment.

As noted in previous guides, “Little Alchemy 2” is more than a matching or guesswork game. It has a solid foundation in real-world nature, alchemy, science, and history. 

Now that you’ve learned about the elements in the game associated with Light Bulb, it’s time to explore those elements!

With Flashlight or Lamp, for example, you can collect Candle and Moth. With Lamp alone, you can also collect Lava Lamp and the Myths and Monsters’ Magic Lamp.