How to Make Sand in Little Alchemy 2

Many people might think that since sand is found all over the world that it must be a basic or simple-to-create element in “Little Alchemy 2.”

Yet, sand is a complex element made of other complex elements, which means that the game doesn’t allow players to create Sand by simply combining two basic elements.

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Instead, you must combine some of the basic elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water to make more complex elements until you have the ones you need to make Sand.

The game provides you with seven different ways to make the Sand element.

If you start this process by trying to better understand how sand forms in the real world, you can create it in the game easily enough:

1. Make a Stone

Some people also believe that sand is made entirely of tiny glass particles. Although sandy beaches contain glass and people use sand to make glass, a lot of the sand on Earth is made of minerals like quartz and feldspar.

A single stone is made up of one or more minerals. As a result, the best way to make the Sand element is by first making a Stone element.

Stone isn’t an element that you can make from the four basic elements alone. As in the real world, you must apply pressure to the earth that contains minerals to make a stone. In “Little Alchemy 2,” you create the Pressure element by doubling the Air element:

  • Air + Air = Pressure

A pressure gauge icon appears onscreen with the words “The exertion of force upon an object by something in contact with it, be it physical or figurative” beneath it.

Now that you have the Pressure element, you can form a stone by using that force on the Earth element:

  • Pressure + Earth = Stone

A stone appears on the screen with the words “Breaker of bones and other such valuables.”

If you have the Lava element, you can also form Stone by combining Lava with Air. If you haven’t collected Lava yet, you create it by combining Earth and Fire.

2. Break and Erode the Stone

Sand forms when other elements break and erode minerals and stones over time. On beaches and other areas near water, it can also form from the breakdown and erosion of bone, coral, shell, and glass.

Air is one of the many elements that aids in the erosion process, which means that you can make Sand when you combine Stone with Air. You only need to drag and drop the Air element onto the Stone element:

  • Stone + Air = Sand

A pile of bright golden sand appears onscreen with the words “A fine debris of stones that gets everywhere.”

Since Air works to create Sand when combined with Stone, you can also make Sand with Air if you have the Pebble or Rock elements.

That said, you can only make these elements after you’ve progressed further along in the game and created the Small element.

3. Alternative Options for Making Sand

The only way to make sand in “Little Alchemy 2” is with mineral-related elements as the base material, which means you must have the Stone, Pebble, or Rock elements.

Also, you can only combine these elements with Air, the air-related Wind element, or the philosophy-based Small element. To create the latter, you again need to be further along in the game. 

Yet, you can create the Wind element once you have the Pressure element:

  • Pressure + Air = Wind

A whirl of wind and green leaves appear on the screen as the Wind icon with the words “Air that blows all over the place and defies all attempts at prediction.” 

Now that you’ve collected Wind, you drag and drop it onto the Stone element to make Sand.

Why Do You Need Sand in Little Alchemy 2?

The Earth is filled with tiny grains of sand. It’s not just a part of sandy beaches, veins of clay, river gold, or construction cement. Sand is everywhere and commonly used in everyday life. 

Glassblowers and sculptors use sand to create sculptures and other art. Sand fills the fragile glass form of an hourglass to help people tell the passage of time.

Ancient humans carved into walls of sandstone to create cities and memorials. Sand is also needed because of its association with certain animals and plants found only in sandy locations like beaches and deserts. 

You need the Sand element because Little Alchemy 2 requires it for the creation of 20 additional related elements:

  • Sand + Fire = Glass
  • Sand + Electricity = Glass
  • Sand + Heat = Glass
  • Sand + Lightning = Glass
  • Sand + Glass = Hourglass
  • Sand + Container = Hourglass
  • Sand + Time = Hourglass
  • Sand + Earth = Sandstone
  • Sand + Rock = Sandstone
  • Sand + Stone = Sandstone
  • Sand + Mineral = Clay
  • Sand + Mud = Clay
  • Sand + Metal = Gold
  • Sand + Steel = Gold
  • Sand + Lake = Beach
  • Sand + Ocean = Beach
  • Sand + Sea = Beach
  • Sand + Water = Beach
  • Sand + Wave = Beach
  • Sand + Sand = Desert
  • Sand + Cactus = Desert
  • Sand + Land = Desert
  • Sand + Lizard = Desert
  • Sand + Vulture = Desert
  • Sand + Swamp = Quicksand
  • Sand + Desert = Dune
  • Sand + Wind = Dune
  • Sand + Motion = Sandstorm
  • Sand + Storm = Sandstorm
  • Sand + Tornado = Sandstorm
  • Sand + Plant = Cactus
  • Sand + Tree = Cactus & Palm
  • Sand + Bird = Ostrich
  • Sand + Egg = Turtle
  • Sand + Animal = Scorpion
  • Sand + Spider = Scorpion
  • Sand + Cow = Camel
  • Sand + Horse = Camel
  • Sand + Livestock = Camel
  • Sand + Fabric = Sandpaper
  • Sand + Paper = Sandpaper
  • Sand + Castle = Sand Castle
  • Sand + Demon = Djinn
  • Sand + Oni = Djinn
  • Sand + Monster = Sandman

Find Your Inner Alchemist

Now that you’ve made Sand and elements directly associated with it, it’s time to add to your collection even more elements associated with Sand.

For example, if you explore the Beach element, you can make the Coconut, Lighthouse, Palm, Picnic, Seagull, and Surfer elements. If you explore the Desert, you can make Oasis, Pyramid, and Sphinx.

If you explore Clay, you can make Brick, Human, Potter, Pottery, Soap, and even a Golem. 

Glass-related elements include anything made of glass, such as Aquarium, Greenhouse, Lens, Mirror, Obsidian, Prism, and Telescope. With Gold, beyond expected Bank, Money, and Safe elements, you can even make an Alchemist!