How to Make Sky in Little Alchemy 2

You might think that making the Sky element in “Little Alchemy 2” takes no more effort than combining two of the four basic elements of air, earth, fire, and water that the game provides at the beginning.

After all, the sky in the real world is everywhere above the Earth and made up of these elements. Yet, the creation of Sky in-game requires that you use complex reasoning skills and a variety of element combinations.

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Players can make Sky with four specific different element combination methods. Follow these steps to make the Sky element using the easiest possible one:

1. Create a Planetary Surface

Although you have the Earth element in relation to soil, you actually need an entire planet to create the Sky element. The “Little Alchemy 2 Office Hints and Cheats” page about the Planet element outlines that the fastest way to construct a Planet is by doubling up Earth-based elements:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet

When you’re successful, a Planet element icon and the phrase “A star dancer” appear on the screen.

2. Develop an Atmosphere

A planet can have a sky in the real world without an atmosphere, but the sky on Earth has one. The game makes the same distinction. Thankfully, you can create the Atmosphere element with ease by combining Planet with a basic element:

  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere

Upon successful creation of Atmosphere, you see Earth and its continents surrounded by a bubble of atmosphere. Beneath it, the description reads: “The layer of gases surrounding our planet that protects us from various invisible space horrors.”

Once you have the Atmosphere for a planet, you’re almost ready to create the Sky. You only need one more element.

3. Add a Sun to the Mix

The Earth’s Sun in the real world is a critical component that influences how humans perceive the sky. People describe sky color and changes in it based on how the light from the Sun hits the atmosphere at different times of day and year.

Day and night are divided by the Sun’s movement across the sky. As with Atmosphere, you create the Sun element by combining two elements you already have in your collection:

  • Planet + Fire = Sun

A bright yellow Sun icon appears on the screen with the words “The center of our galactic party.”

Once you have collected Atmosphere and Sun, you merely combine the two elements to make Sky. A blue gradient sky icon with puffy clouds then appears on the screen. The description reads: “The domain of clouds.”

It’s important to note that creating Sky using this method also unlocks the Aurora element. An aurora borealis icon appears on the screen with the words “When Earth’s atmosphere gets confrontational with solar particles, there be fireworks.”

The game refers to the Aurora element as a “Final Item.” You can’t combine it with other elements to form anything. 

4. Alternative Ways to Make Sky

Little Alchemy 2 allows players to make Sky using other combinations that involve sky-related elements. Since both the Sun and Moon are a part of the sky as seen from Earth.

For example, you can combine the Sun and Moon elements to make it. If you already have Moon from combining other elements, then you’re set. If you don’t have Moon yet, then you need to combine the Planet and Stone elements.

Since the sky is the “domain of the clouds,” as the game reminds players, you can also create Sky by adding the Cloud element to the Air or Atmosphere elements. If you haven’t collected Cloud yet, you merely need to combine the Atmosphere element with Water to form a Cloud. 

What Is the Purpose of Sky in “Little Alchemy 2”?

In the real world, the sky is all of the areas above the surface of the planet and everything that exists within it. It’s not only the atmosphere that encircles the Earth.

It’s also the space that people can see beyond the atmosphere. Humans have been reaching toward the heavens throughout history, which is why the game pushes players to reach for the Sky. 

Without making Sky, you might never know how to form many of the other elements that exist in the real world that people associate with the sky, including aurora borealis, night, day, and horizons.

Without the sky, people might never have built telescopes to study it or skyscrapers to achieve views from above.

Create these and many other related elements, 28 in total, with Sky using the following combinations:

  • Sky + Air = Atmosphere
  • Sky + Antarctica = Aurora
  • Sky + Arctic = Aurora
  • Sky + Electricity = Aurora
  • Sky + Fire = Sun
  • Sky + Day = Sun
  • Sky + Light = Sun 
  • Sky + Space = Star
  • Sky + Stone = Moon
  • Sky + Planet = Moon
  • Sky + Time = Moon
  • Sky + Cheese = Moon
  • Sky + Sun = Day
  • Sky + Moon = Night
  • Sky + Twilight = Darkness
  • Sky + Night = Darkness & Star
  • Sky + Meteoroid – Meteor
  • Sky + Star = Space
  • Sky + Solar System = Space
  • Sky + Alien = UFO
  • Sky + Land = Horizon
  • Sky + Continent = Horizon
  • Sky + Earth = Horizon & Planet
  • Sky + Lake = Horizon
  • Sky + Sea = Horizon
  • Sky + Ocean = Horizon
  • Sky + Water = Cloud
  • Sky + Mist = Cloud
  • Sky + Ice = Hail
  • Sky + Glass = Telescope
  • Sky + Glasses = Sunglasses
  • Sky + Explosion = Fireworks
  • Sky + Paper = Kite
  • Sky + Umbrella = Parachute
  • Sky + House = Skyscraper
  • Sky + Village = Skyscraper
  • Sky + Animal = Bird
  • Sky + Egg = Bird
  • Sky + Mouse = Bat
  • Sky + Fish = Flying Fish
  • Sky + Dinosaur = Pterodactyl
  • Sky + Lizard = Dragon
  • Sky + Horse = Pegasus
  • Sky + Unicorn = Pegasus
  • Sky + Deity = Zeus

The Sky’s the Limit: Explore Other Unique Elements

In Little Alchemy 2, players can collect hundreds of unique default and mythic elements. Now that you’ve created Sky and elements made from it, it’s time to explore those elements to make and learn about even more complex life.

For example, if you explore the Bird element, you can create a wide range of bird- and sky-related elements, including Airplane, Chicken, Crow, Cuckoo, Duck, Eagle, Flying Squirrel, Hummingbird, Ostrich, Owl, Parrot, Peacock, Penguin, Pigeon, Platypus, Seagull, Toucan, Vulture, and Woodpecker.

You can also create mythical beings, such as Angel, Garuda, Phoenix, and Tengu.