How to Make Lizard in Little Alchemy 2

There are tons of fascinating games out there just seeking to captivate your attention, but none of them have caught the twinkle in your eye quite like Little Alchemy 2.

With over 600 features to craft and marvel in, there’s one little fella you’ve been dying to create and that’s the cool lizard.

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The curiosity has become too much, through trial and error the elements have got you stumped, how in the world can you create one?

Well, it is through failure that we learn the most, and with the intelligent use of resources that we find our answers; grab your lab coat and straighten out your thinking cap, it’s time to get down and discover how to make a lizard in Little Alchemy 2!

Lizard Recipe Coming Right Up

As you may be familiar with the drag and drop motions that become like second nature (no pun intended) of Little Alchemy 2, there are various steps and combinations we’ll go through in order to get our final product, but alas it’s all worth it to have the little lizard.

Stick around to also see the amazing combinations you can apply after you know how to create a lizard. 

Land Ho!

Our first order of business is to drag and drop 1 Earth element into the creation area, and then drop another Earth on top of it. Thus creating the vital Land element we’ll be needing later. 

You may drag the Land back to the right-side toolbar. 

Make Some Waves

There will be a few creations we’ll make with the Water element, first, we’ll start will dragging 1 Water element and then dragging another Water element on top of it which will create a Puddle

Now we’ll keep that Puddle in the creation area and add 1 Water element to it, Wowza now we’ve got a Pond on our hands! 

We’re gonna need something a wee bit bigger than a Pond though, and by adding yet another Water element our Pond turns into a Lake

But that Lake just isn’t going to cut it, we need something even bigger, drag one more Water element on top of that Lake, and BAM! We now have the final water product we needed, our very own Sea

Let’s drag the Sea back to the right-side toolbar. 

Oof, That’s Hot

Here’s the one place we can play with fire; drag 1 Fire element out, and then drag 1 Earth element on top of it. Now, this makes something really super dope, we’ve created Lava!

Keep the Lava out and now we are going to utilize that great big Sea we previously created, drag the Sea on top of the Lava to see the strange formation of Primordial Soup.

We’ll come back to the Primordial Soup in just a moment, so we can drag that back to the toolbar. Now we’re going to drag and drop 1 Earth element out and then take out 1 Lava and drag it on top of the Earth, which will produce a cool Volcano

That magma-hot Volcano can keep chilling out in the creation area, perhaps it’s a little hungry for soup! Grab hold of the Primordial Soup and drag it on top of the Volcano to receive, in the words of Dr. Frankenstin, ‘LIFE!’

Get a Life

Now that we’ve got a Life element, go ahead and drag and drop 1 Land element on top to create an Animal. The Soil element will also pop up when this happens, you can just drag both of them to the right-side toolbar for now. 

We’re getting close!

Let’s Get Some Air

Let’s go ahead and drag 1 Air out and then drag 1 Air element on top of it, this will generate Pressure

We don’t want to find ourselves under pressure, so let’s drag 1 Earth element onto the Pressure and get ourselves a nice Stone

Hard As a Rock (Last Step!)

The moment we’ve been waiting for, it’s finally here, just one easy step! With the Stone still out, click and drag 1 Animal element right on top of it and you will be ecstatically pleased to see a cute little Lizard

Let’s layout a simplistic list of all the elements you’ll need in order to create a Lizard, you can refer to this during your creation time:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Puddle
  • Pond
  • Lake
  • Sea
  • Fire
  • Lava
  • Primordial Soup
  • Volcano
  • Life
  • Animal
  • Land
  • Air
  • Pressure
  • Stone

Congratulations you’ve now got your Lizard! And it really wasn’t too hard, how about we take a look at some other really cool combos you can create now that you’ve got a Lizard in your toolbelt.

Some of these recipes may require more in-depth research if you haven’t discovered these elements quite yet, let’s get to looking!


  • 1 Lizard + 1 Air = Dragon
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Fire = Dragon 
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Sky = Dragon
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Airplane = Dragon
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Legend = Dragon 
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Story = Dragon


  • 1 Lizard + 1 Lake = Alligator
  • 1 Lizard + 1 River = Alligator
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Swamp = Alligator 


  • 1 Lizard + 1 Beach = Turtle!


  • 1 Lizard + 1 Time = Dinosaur 
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Big = Dinosaur


  • 1 Lizard + 1 Sand = Desert 


  • 1 Lizard + 1 Rainbow = Chameleon 
  • 1 Lizard + 1 Double Rainbow = Chameleon 

You’ve just gained a lot of element proficiency, way to go!

There’s a whole literal world of creations and fun awaiting in Little Alchemy 2, and now you’re equipped with even more tools and knowledge to unlock and discover loads of other magnificent formulas. Keep your mind moving, and enjoy creating!