How to Make Scythe in Little Alchemy 2 (Step-by-Step Guide)

At first glance at the word scythe you may not know what it is, but if the word was accompanied by a picture you’d for sure have a lightbulb moment.

A scythe is a sharp curved tool that was often used for cutting crops and grass, it is also typically a part of the ensemble for the iconic grim reaper. Now that you know what a scythe is, wouldn’t it be so cool to create one in Little Alchemy 2? 

In this article, we’ll be guided through how to make a scythe in Little Alchemy 2 through easy peasy steps and you’ll also get a bonus combination at the very end; so stay tuned!

This article is a part of LifeRejoice’s step-by-step ‘how to’ guide series for making Elements in Little Alchemy 2. Click here to check out more Little Alchemy 2 Element guides.

Steps You Need to Create a Scythe

With the handy dandy help of the Little Alchemy 2 guide, we’re going to show you one of the easier paths to create a scythe. We’ll be sure to list the other formulas of combinations afterward just in case you’re interested to know.

In this case, the main formula is Blade + Grass = Scythe but we’re going to break down the steps to get each element. 

Each step will be labeled in bold letters what you’ll be creating, if you find that the step is containing an element that you already have or know how to create please feel free to skip down to the next relevant step. 

Step 1: Create a Blade

There are quite a few steps to take within this step, so we’ll be sure to take you through nice and easy all the way. You’ll have your scythe in no time!

Create Stone

Quite the universal element this one is, be sure to keep it in your back pocket when you’re doing some Little Alchemy 2 exploring on your own!

Earth + Pressure = Stone

Create Metal 

Are we talking metal music or metal the object? I’m sure you’ve already deduced that one. 

Stone + Fire = Metal

Create a Blade

Watch your fingers, this may get a little sharp! We’ll now have half of the ingredients we need for this scythe recipe. 

Stone + Metal = Blade

Alrighty, now that you’ve got the blade we can move on to the second half of this recipe. There’s plenty of more to come once we’ve completed how to create a scythe; you won’t want to miss it!

Step 2: Create Grass

You read correctly, it’s time to create some Grass; not for us to kick or walk all over though, these matters are for the sake of Little Alchemy 2 science and combination exploration.

It may sound like a simple bada bing bada boom creation, but this little guy is much harder to make than it appears; there are no worries here though, you’ll be a grass expert soon!

Create Primordial Soup

It sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? Weird sounding that it is, but this element is a huge essential to a lot of items in Little Alchemy 2. 

Water + Water = Puddle

Puddle + Water = Pond

Pond + Water = Lake

Lake + Water = Sea 

Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup

Create Energy

Another fantastic element to have handy in your toolbar; energy can be combined with a multitude of different things just as in reality we use energy for the majority of what’s around us!

It may sound a little intimidating to create energy, but in the world of Little Alchemy 2, they’ve made it quite simple. 

Fire + Fire = Energy

Create Life

If you thought creating energy was wild, here’s a biggie for you, creating life itself! You’ll be able to unlock a lot with this vital element, let your imagination run wild. 

Energy + Primordial Soup = Life

Create Soil

Soil is important in reality and Little Alchemy 2, it holds so much life and also possibilities in the game and in the real world. 

Life + Earth = Soil

Create a Plant

Here is another extremely vital piece in our world and Little Alchemy 2, the beautiful lively plant. Be sure to let your creative juices flow once you’re done with this article and on your own in the purple screened world, there’s quite a bit you can achieve with this green fella!

Soil + Life = Plant

Create Grass

Let’s find out if the grass is greener on the other side, if not we’ll at least be one step away from creating our very own scythe. 

Plant + Earth = Grass

Bravo, you’ve done it, now it is the final moment of combining! 

Step 3: Create A Scythe

Even though it’s really only one last final step, a drum roll would still be pretty appropriate right about now. No matter, here we go to finally make a scythe in Little Alchemy 2! 

Blade + Grass = Scythe

Your hard work has really paid off, and now not only do you have some awesome new elements but you can also use this item to create others! Before we give you a bonus item to create out of the scythe, as promised here are the other possible combinations you can use. 

Alternative Scythe Combinations

By the calculations of the Little Alchemy 2 guide here are the simplified formulas you could also follow to create a scythe:

Blade + Wheat = Scythe

Grass + Sword = Scythe 

Wheat + Sword = Scythe 

Axe + Grass = Scythe 

Axe + Wheat + Scythe 

Bonus Scythe Combo Item

You may have had a good guess at what the special item at the end of the article was going to be if it’s scythe related, and if you guessed the grim reaper himself then you get a gold star. We’re turning to the dark side of Little Alchemy 2, buckle up!

Steps You Need to Create the Grim Reaper

With these simple steps, you’ll know how to make the grim reaper in Little Alchemy 2. Sure he’s a bit on the gloomy side, but how cool is it to have your very own itty bitty grim reaper! You could even give it a little pet name, like Grimmy. 

For some of these steps, you’ll be called to use an item that you’ve created earlier in this article; you got this alchemist! 

Step 1: Create Clay

Water + Earth = Mud

Mud + Stone = Clay

Step 2: Create a Human

But of course, we need a wee little human for this grim combo, and it’ll be simple enough with 2 elements you’ve already got waiting for you in your toolbox. 

Clay + Life = Human

Step 3: Create Grim Reaper

And now you may do the final honors of using your new scythe element to bring forth the one and only Grimmy the grim reaper!

Human + Scythe = Grim Reaper

Life is fun when you get to take a brief pause and do something that’s consequence-free while it also lets you use your knowledge and creativity at the same time; thanks for providing that geeky haven Little Alchemy 2!