How to Make Windmill in Little Alchemy 2

Certainly, humans have found countless ways to convert one type of energy to other. For instance, the kinetic energy of a flowing river is converted to electrical energy using hydropower systems.

In the same way, the kinetic energy of wind is also used to produce rotational energy using windmills. Further, the sails or blades that help the pivot turn also allow the windmill to break grain into smaller pieces.

Consequently, this process is known as milling. And, the machines used to mill grain using wind are known as windmills. Whereas, this same mechanism has been widely used to produce electricity using Wind Turbines. So, feel free to check it out if interested.

Nevertheless, to amplify the efficiency of windmills, we will be obtaining the Windmill element in Little Alchemy 2. Moreover, we will be using House and Wind to do so but you can also take a look at the below list and choose any method you prefer.

Walkthrough for Windmill in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create House

Although the buildings set up for windmills are designed especially for that purpose, we can still consider them as houses. Hence, Little Alchemy 2 requires the House element as a key ingredient of Windmill.

Similarly, you can easily obtain the House element as shown below:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Wall + Wall = House

Hey! Don’t sit inside now, we have other work to do as well.

Step 2: Create Wind

Above all, we need to get some wind running in order to receive kinetic energy. Afterward, we can use it to rotate the blades and produce rotational energy. Finally, we can mill grain and obtain its products such as flour.

Hence, follow the below steps to obtain the Wind element:

  • Air + Air = Pressure
  • Pressure + Air = Wind

Whew! We are just one step away from obtaining our goal so let’s not waste any more time.

Step 3: Create Windmill

Most importantly, one best trait of Little Alchemy 2 is we never have to worry about the details. Instead, all we need to do is combine two elements and the game does the rest of the work. In the same way, we can combine House with Wind to acquire Windmill.

To clarify, the below step will help you create the Windmill element:

  • Wind + House = Windmill

Congrats! You have successfully obtained Windmill and we have got one more surprise for you.

Alternative Ways To Obtain Windmill

Nonetheless, having multiple windmills is always better as you can increase production. And, we will do so using creative ways. Moreover, we can consider them as the alternative ways to obtain Windmill.

Further, you can obtain the Windmill element using different elements as follows:

  • Wind + Flour = Windmill
  • Wind + Wheat = Windmill
  • Wind + Wheel = Windmill
  • Wall + Wheel = Windmill

Wooh! It’s been really fun doing alchemy, right?

Elements You Can Obtain Using Windmill

The main objective of Little Alchemy 2 is to push its players to use their creativity and discover new things. Therefore, whenever we obtain a new element, we can use it to obtain even more elements.

In short, you can obtain the following elements using the Windmill element:

  • Windmill + Airplane = Helicopter
  • Windmill + Blade = Blender
  • Windmill + Electrician = Wind Turbine
  • Windmill + Electricity = Wind Turbine
  • Windmill + Hero = Don Quixote
  • Windmill + Knight = Don Quixote
  • Windmill + Legend = Don Quixote
  • Windmill + Machine = Wind Turbine
  • Windmill + Scythe = Lawn Mower
  • Windmill + Seaplane = Helicopter
  • Windmill + Story = Don Quixote
  • Windmill + Sunflower = Oil
  • Windmill + Wheat = Flour

Wait! Your journey is just starting now that you have even more elements to play with.


In conclusion, there is still a lot out there for you to explore in the world of Little Alchemy 2. And, we would be really proud of you if you were to discover new secrets that nobody else knows. Meanwhile, it would also be fun to go on more adventures, wouldn’t it?

Therefore, keep going as we will be right here just in case you need help navigating the path to your destination. And, we will also cheer for you, adventurer!