How to Make Bacteria in Little Alchemy 2

Have you ever wondered what would the world be like without any bacteria?

Firstly, bacteria or microorganisms recycle the nutrients of dead organisms. That way, the nutrients can return back to the living system. And, new living beings can form using them.

Hence, without bacteria, the world would be built up with the biological waste of dead organisms. Further, scientists speculate that could cause a massive drop in population in most species. And, some may even go extinct.

Likewise, bacteria have always played a huge role in our world. For instance, bacterias play a major role in creating dairy products such as cheese. And, bacterias even help the bodies of animals digest the food they eat.

Nevertheless, Little Alchemy 2 features the Bacteria element which also plays a significant role in obtaining related elements. And, the game itself has described the element as “Microorganisms that are essential for life even though they sometimes help take it away”.

In short, bacterias have both environmental and economic importance. And now, it is time we head on our path to obtaining the Bacteria element.

However, before we start, the game requires Life and Mud as Bacteria’s key ingredients. So, we will be starting by obtaining them first. Lastly, once we create Bacteria, we will also take a look at all the elements we can obtain using it.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the main process, shall we?

Step 1: Create Life

Are you wondering why Little Alchemy 2 requires Life as Bacteria’s key component?

The answer is bacteria are the very first organisms to live on Earth for almost four billion years. Therefore, we can even consider them as life itself. And, scientists also estimate the first living bacteria were prokaryotes.

Nonetheless, let’s not dive too deep into science as things will only get more difficult. Instead, we have a task at our hands of obtaining the Life element. Also, worry not as this might be the most difficult section of our entire guide.

Similarly, follow the below steps to obtain Life:

Fire + Fire = Energy

Water + Water = Puddle

Puddle + Water = Pond

Pond + Water = Lake

Lake + Water = Sea

Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup

Primordial Soup + Energy = Life

As we can see the difference in all the planets, Earth is the only one to have life. In fact, Earth might be the only planet to have life in the entire universe. But, let’s not be sure as the space is infinite and who knows what lies there.

Anyway, my point is, without life, our world wouldn’t be what it is today. So, life is one of the basic elements in real life itself. In the same way, the Life element is one of the most fundamental elements in Little Alchemy 2.

Step 2: Create Mud

On the other hand, the Mud element is the second key ingredient required to obtain Bacteria. And, we don’t need to think about this too much as every living being on Earth evolves from the soil.

For instance, when an organism dies, its nutrients are absorbed by the soil. Afterward, a new organism comes to life. And, you must have heard quotes like “Born in mud, dies in the mud”.

Nevertheless, you can simply obtain Mud as shown below:

Earth + Water = Mud

Whew! Just one step away from obtaining the Bacteria element. And, I hope you are excited just as I am. So, let’s not make you wait more and get right into the next step!

Step 3: Create Bacteria

As we talked about before, we have both the key ingredients required to obtain Bacteria. So, are you ready to see the first organism of Earth come to life? Further, after some billion years, humans will finally come to exist and so will all the other living beings on Earth.

Finally, mix Life and Mud to obtain Bacteria as shown below:

Life + Mud = Bacteria

Give yourself a huge pat! This is a great achievement as now, you can see how the living beings evolve starting from bacteria to dinosaurs and everything else. However, worry not if you didn’t like this method of obtaining Bacteria.

Alternative Ways To Create Bacteria

Little Alchemy 2 is a massive game where the player can go all out with their imagination. Moreover, you get to make your own decisions and pave your own path to your destination.

Likewise, the game provides you with multiple choices to get the same task done. In the same vein, we can obtain the Bacteria element by combining not just Life with Mud but other elements as well.

For example, you can obtain Bacteria by using Primordial Soup instead of Mud as follows:

Life + Primordial Soup = Bacteria

In addition, we can also use the Small element as shown below:

Life + Small = Bacteria

Well, that wraps up the alternative ways of obtaining the Bacteria element. But, your journey still hasn’t come to an end.

Elements You Can Create Using Bacteria

As you know by now, Little Alchemy 2 is boundless. And, the game opens newer doors whenever you open a new one.

Similarly, you can use the Bacteria element to obtain even newer elements. And since bacteria are the first living organism, we do get to create some really interesting elements such as Zombie and Small.

Moreover, the following list shows all the elements you can obtain using Bacteria:

Bacteria + Bread = Mold

Bacteria + Corpse = Zombie

Bacteria + Death = Organic Matter

Bacteria + Fruit = Mold

Bacteria + Glass = Microscope

Bacteria + Glasses = Microscope

Bacteria + Human = Sickness

Bacteria + Ice Cream = Yogurt

Bacteria + Lens = Microscope

Bacteria + Milk = Cheese + Yogurt

Bacteria + Ocean = Plankton

Bacteria + Philosophy = Small

Bacteria + Safety Glasses = Microscope

Bacteria + Sea = Plankton

Bacteria + Vegetable = Mold

Bacteria + Water = Plankton

So, did you know Plankton from Spongebob is an actual organism? Nonetheless, there’s still so much out there in Little Alchemy 2’s world for you to discover.


In conclusion, just like how you obtained new elements using Bacteria, you can obtain even newer elements using the elements you just obtained. In this way, you won’t ever need to worry if your journey’s coming to an end.

Likewise, the idea of never-ending adventure does sound really fun. Also, we don’t want you to stop anytime soon. Instead, we want you to keep on exploring and uncover all the secrets that lie deep in Little Alchemy 2’s enormous sea.

Meanwhile, we will always have your back just in case you get lost. Because the game might be easy but it can prove difficult at times to achieve your goal without a proper guide. So, keep going!