How to Make Lightsaber in Little Alchemy 2

Books, movies, and games have been the biggest source of fantasy for most people. Moreover, they share the creative imagination of the creators. And, there have been many things that fans just get obsessed with.

Likewise, our topic today includes the lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise. A lightsaber is a sword with a luminescent blade made of energy emitted from a metal hilt. And, the sword is one of the most renowned swords in the history of fantasies.

Nevertheless, Little Alchemy 2 also features the Lightsaber element which replicates the same lightsaber from the Star Wars franchise. And today, you will be able to obtain it by following the instructions we will be providing you in this article.

Before we start, did you know lightsabers were called laserswords at first? In addition, they were created by the Dark Side first. But, let’s not dwell on it as we have a task at our hand that we need to focus on first.

Similarly, the key ingredients of the Lightsaber element are Energy and Sword. Although the working mechanism of lightsabers might be difficult, you don’t need to worry as the entire process of obtaining it is really simple.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the process of obtaining the Lightsaber. And, may the Force be with you.

Step 1: Create Energy

As we talked about before, the lightsaber’s blade is made out of energy. Hence, it’s obvious why the Lightsaber element requires Energy as a key ingredient. Also, the blade of the lightsaber may be luminescent but the color depends on its power source.

However, Little Alchemy 2 likes to keep things simple. So, we won’t be able to modify the color of the lightsaber.

Most importantly, the below step shows how you can create Energy in Little Alchemy 2:

Now that we have the energy required to create the lightsaber, the only thing we are missing is the hilt. Before that, you need to know that a lightsaber’s hilt is built by its wielder. Thus, the hilt is always unique in design.

Step 2: Create Sword

Nonetheless, let’s see how your hilt comes out. That is, we will be creating the Sword element as it will give us the last thing required to obtain the Lightsaber element. So, you better prepare yourself to be the Jedi and travel across space.

As we know, swords are tools with sharp edges. Subsequently, we will have to create the Blade element first. And, you can easily do so by following the below steps:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Fire = Metal
  • Metal + Stone = Blade

Now, all you need to do is mix Blade with metal and wallah! You got the Sword element. To clarify, follow the below step:

Before we finally move on to the last step of obtaining the Lightsaber element, let’s look at a quick fact. In other words, a survey in 2008 showed that the lightsaber is the most popular weapon in film history.

Step 3: Create Lightsaber

Oh, I hope you are excited just as I am. Just the thought of finally being able to hold the lightsaber gives me shivers. And, it’s time we wield the lightsaber and fight the Dark Side.

Moreover, all you need to do is combine Energy and Sword to obtain the Lightsaber element as shown below:

  • Energy + Sword = Lightsaber

Give yourself a huge pat! You succeeded in creating your own lightsaber. And now, you don’t need to be scared of the Dark Side’s army at all.

However, if this process of obtaining the Lightsaber didn’t satisfy you, we have many other alternative ways. As always, Little Alchemy 2 lets you find your own way of doing things. And, that’s what makes the game amazing.

Alternative Ways To Create Lightsaber

For instance, you can use Electricity instead of Energy while creating the Lightsaber. Also, if you haven’t obtained the Electricity element till now, you can click the link down below which will lead you to the guide for obtaining it.

In short, follow the below step to obtain Lightsaber using Electricity:

Likewise, we can also use Light instead of Energy to obtain Lightsaber. As mentioned above, you can find the guide to obtaining the Light element in the below step if you haven’t obtained it till now.

Anyway, the following step shows how you can obtain Lightsaber using Light:

Don’t be sad thinking your journey will be coming to an end soon. Just like the never-ending space, Little Alchemy 2 always has more to explore. In addition, you will be able to create even more elements using the Lightsaber.

Elements You Can Create Using Lightsaber

Now that we have the Lightsaber element, we will now be able to create more elements related to it. In the same vein, Star Wars fans know the Jedi army uses lightsabers as their main weapon.

Similarly, you will be able to create Jedi using Lightsaber as shown below:

  • Lightsaber + Human = Jedi
  • Lightsaber + Knight = Jedi

Unlike many other elements in Little Alchemy 2, the Lightsaber element doesn’t allow players to create lots of new elements. However, that doesn’t mean you have less to play with. Because you can use the new elements we just created to obtain even more elements.


Meanwhile, if you want to keep on exploring Little Alchemy 2’s world, feel free to do so. And, if you are up for some challenge, you can try creating the most difficult elements in the game such as Zoo and Zombie.

For example, the Zoo element requires 29 combinations of 32 different items to create. But, if you want to try exploring more fantasies, you can try unlocking the ‘Myths and Monsters’ content pack.

Further, that will allow you to dive into a whole different world of fantasies. Perhaps you are interested in Deity and Demon, you can have it all once you unlock the content pack.

Talking about which, if you need help unlocking the content pack, follow our guide on Deity, Evil, etc.