How to Make Sword in Little Alchemy 2

When it comes to history, one thing always fascinates most people. And that is, how the swords changed the entire world. Humans were the weakest beings in the stone age as unlike other creatures, we didn’t have any claws or jaws.

However, the creation of swords and different forms of them such as spears and hammers changed the game. After creating it, humans started getting stronger and every animal feared it no matter how tall, big, or fast they were.

Nevertheless, I’m not here to talk about how humans gained supremacy. But, we will be talking about how the simple bladed weapon has played an important part in human evolution.

So what exactly is a sword?

A sharp-edged weapon created from iron or steel with a handle is known as a sword. And just like humans evolved with their respective races, the sword also has developed through many styles.

Swords are mainly classified into thrusting and slashing swords as their name suggests how they are used. And, most of the swords today are made for both styles.

Likewise, Little Alchemy 2 also has a recipe for the Sword element. In the same way, the element can be used to obtain many other elements. For example, you can create weapons such as Light Sword, Katana, or Shuriken.

Also, you can create many other raw materials such as Meat and Leather. Anyway, you are here to learn how you can create Sword in Little Alchemy 2.

Hence, we will now dive into the overall process of brewing Sword with the power of our alchemy. And, the process is really simple so let’s just get into it!

Simply Create Sword

The Sword element might be one of the easiest elements to create in Little Alchemy 2. In fact, we can create it in just 5 steps. And as we talked about before, swords are sharp-edged weapons so we will obviously need the Blade element.

Likewise, whether it’s steel or iron, metal is important in manufacturing swords. So, we will also need Metal before creating Sword. And, the following steps show you how simple it is to create Sword in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Fire = Metal
  • Metal + Stone = Blade
  • Blade + Metal = Sword

How long did it take you to walk through the entire process of creating Sword? Well, did you find it too easy that it was boring?

Worry not as we have also included alternative ways to make things more interesting. Besides, this is the specialty of Little Alchemy 2. The game lets you adventure any way you like, you can take any route.

If things are too simple and straight, you can just keep on taking turns to do the same thing in a different way.

Alternative Ways To Create Sword

As we talked about before, swords have evolved just as we humans have. Just like we are of different races, swords differ in many ways. Whether it’s the way they are used or the materials used to create them, we can find a wide variety of them.

Likewise, Little Alchemy 2 also features different ways to create swords. For instance, if you want to create a sword using Steel, you can follow the below step:

  • Blade + Steel = Sword

Don’t like the full steel body sword? Well, you can always use Woods for the handle and create a different one.

Note: if you are confused about how you can create the same element again by using a different method, we need to clear the game’s data first. And, you can simply do that by clicking on Settings and then Clean Up.

Now, you can restart the game and create the Sword element as you want to. To illustrate, use the following way to create Sword using Wood:

  • Blade + Wood = Sword

Nonetheless, your journey in Little Alchemy 2 has just begun. Now, you can create even more elements using the Sword element. Let’s not waste our excitement and get right into it, shall we?

Elements You Can Create Using Sword

The beauty of Little Alchemy 2 lies in its vast world. The game never ends just like our universe keeps on growing every day. Truly, you obtain a new element and you can obtain even more elements in the next second.

Similarly, we will be viewing all the elements we can create using the Sword element. And, the list below sums up all of it:

  • Sword + Ambulance = Scalpel
  • Sword + Animal = Meat
  • Sword + Beehive = Wax
  • Sword + Blade = Scissors
  • Sword + Chicken = Meat
  • Sword + Coconut = Coconut Milk
  • Sword + Cook = Knife
  • Sword + Cow = Leather + Meat
  • Sword + Doctor = Scalpel
  • Sword + Electricity = Light Sword
  • Sword + Energy = Light Sword
  • Sword + Fabric = Bandage
  • Sword + Fairy Tale = Excalibur
  • Sword + Fish = Swordfish
  • Sword + Force Knight = Light Sword
  • Sword + Good = Durendal
  • Sword + Grass = Scythe
  • Sword + Gun = Bayonet
  • Sword + Holy Water = Durendal
  • Sword + Hospital = Scalpel
  • Sword + Human = Warrior
  • Sword + Lake = Excalibur
  • Sword + Legend = Excalibur
  • Sword + Light = Light Sword
  • Sword + Livestock = Meat
  • Sword + Monarch = Excalibur
  • Sword + Ninja = Katana
  • Sword + Paladin = Durendal
  • Sword + Paper = Scissors
  • Sword + Pencil = Pencil Sharpener
  • Sword + Pig = Leather + Meat
  • Sword + Sailor = Pirate
  • Sword + Shark = Meat + Swordfish
  • Sword + Sheep = Leather
  • Sword + Shuriken = Katana
  • Sword + Space = Light Sword
  • Sword + Star = Shuriken
  • Sword + Stone = Excalibur
  • Sword + Story = Excalibur
  • Sword + Sword = Scissors
  • Sword + Tree = Wood
  • Sword + Warrior = Blood
  • Sword + Wheat = Scythe
  • Sword + Wizard = Wand

My favorite element accessible after obtaining Sword is Pirate. Because being a pirate means we travel the ocean and uncover hidden treasures.

Final Analysis

How cool is it to be able to do anything you want? Anyway, my point is you can be anything you want in Little Alchemy 2. Even if you aren’t interested in pirates at all, you can always find something that grabs your attention.

Specifically, if you are interested in magic, there you go, you just discovered Wand. And now, you just become a mage discover the world through even more alchemy.

To conclude, let your creativity run wild through the forests and mountains of Little Alchemy 2. As the game doesn’t have a limit, you don’t need to stop here either.

Keep on going as we will be cheering you throughout your journey. And, if you need any guidelines on your way, we will be glad to help you out!

Namely, we have guides on more elements such as Dog, Farmer, Mud, and many more. So do check them out if you need any help.