How to Make Light in Little Alchemy 2

In “Little Alchemy 2,” players can find a variety of elements that humans associate with light. They can appreciate the fluctuating glow from fire and lava, bright sunlight, hazy reflected moonlight, and startling sparking of lightning and electricity.

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Yet, the Light element appears as only one of these types of light sources. Light is an overhead hanging green lamp fixture shining brightly to illuminate the area directly beneath it, which means that Light in the game primarily relates to the study of natural light by humans and the creation of artificial light. 

To make Light, you need to recreate the processes involved with the development of artificial light:

1. Set the Stage for Human Innovation

Light fixtures work because humans found ways to harness electricity. People only started to make electrical lighting after studying lightning for thousands of years. As a result, you can’t make Light without making Lightning.

Centuries ago, the playwright William Shakespeare described the world as a stage. In theatre, the cast and crew must set the stage, or prepare it, before the production begins.

A play starts with the slow illumination of the modern stage with electrical lights. “Little Alchemy 2” requires the same type of work:

You need a planet to create the circumstances necessary to make lightning. If you don’t have Planet, combine the following:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet

A blue-green planet with rings around it pops up with the words “A star dancer.”

Next, the planet needs an atmosphere containing gases that help with the formation of clouds and storms. If you don’t have Atmosphere, you merely need to bring air to your world:

  • Air + Planet = Atmosphere

A representation of Earth with a multi-tone blue bubble around it appears with the words “The layer of gases surrounding our planet that protects us from various invisible space horrors.”

Once you have Atmosphere, you need clouds that can absorb and release water and form storms and lightning. If you haven’t collected the Cloud element, add moisture to the atmosphere as follows:

  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud

A bright white, puffy cloud pops up with the words “Natural containers of water suspended in the air.”

Now you’re ready to make natural electricity!

Clouds form electrical outbursts of lightning when the energy within them or between them and the ground changes, which means that you make Lightning by combining the Energy and Cloud elements.

If you don’t have Energy, combine Fire with another version of itself, double the Fire element, to make Energy. 

A bright, golden bolt of lightning striking the ground pops up onscreen with the words “When clouds try to be flashy.”

2. Make Electricity Without Clouds

Discharges of lightning occur because of positively and negatively charged particles in the clouds that are normally attracted to each other.

As clouds grow heavy with moisture and cool, the number and positioning of these particles change drastically until the tops of the clouds have more positive-charged particles and the bottoms have more negative-charged ones, which causes an increase in electrical energy.

The air around the clouds initially blocks the energy until the electrical field increases so much that it releases lightning within the clouds or through the air to the ground.

Through observation and testing of natural forces, alchemists, scientists, and others realized that sparks and static seemed to form in a similar fashion as lightning.

Through trial and error, they realized that they could recreate electrical fields by altering positive- and negative-charged particles using different means. For a long time, they believed that metal attracted lightning.

With time, they came to realize that this wasn’t exactly true, but that certain metals could conduct, control and direct the flow of, electrical energy.

In “Little Alchemy 2,” you must develop artificially created electricity and the equipment to control and direct it to make the Light element. Use the following combinations to achieve this goal:

A white sparking electrical device appears with the words “Charged particles, or as it’s more technically known: THE POWER OF THE GODS.”

Finally, you’re nearly ready to make Light! You only need to make a light bulb to contain the electricity:

  • Air + Stone = Sand
  • Fire + Sand = Glass
  • Electricity + Glass = Light Bulb

A glass light bulb appears with the words “An illuminator, both physically and mentally.” 

Depending on your progress in the game, you might unlock Light as a special secondary element. That said, if it doesn’t appear, combine the following: 

  • Electricity + Light Bulb = Light

The Light icon pops up with the words “The universal illuminator.”

3. An Alternative Method to Make Light

The final way to make this element is by combining Electricity with the Flashlight element. Yet, Flashlight can only exist if you’ve made Light, Light Bulb, or the related Lamp element.

This method is an example of the game developer asking players to trace the interconnectivity of elements instead of only making them once and then moving on to new ones.

In this case, humans used electricity to make another artificial source of light.

Why Is Light Important in “Little Alchemy 2”?

The steps necessary to make the Light element seem to be designed to teach players how natural and artificial light sources connect and how light impacted human evolution and modern life.

The study of light gave humanity a better understanding of the natural world, including heat and cold, day and night, the changing seasons, and the moving of the planets.

With the development of the first natural and then later artificial light sources, especially after the harnessing of electricity, people improved access to food and safety.

They could warn ship captains of treacherous rocks and other dangers near shores with bonfires and torches and eventually, lighthouses lit first with flames from oil and candles and then electric lamps.

They created new power sources like electricity-generating power plants and solar cells and developed new ways to communicate using optical fibers that process data via light.

Human curiosity and the development of light and energy give you the ability to see at night, eat food cooked in electric ovens and microwaves, stay warm with electric heaters, grow sun-loving plants in the dark and read this guide.

Modern medicine wouldn’t be nearly as modern if scientists had never learned to use light to develop reflective mirror microscopes.

Find these elements and others by combining Light with the following:

  • Light + Day = Sun
  • Light + Planet = Sun
  • Light + Sky = Sun
  • Light + Glasses = Sunglasses
  • Light + Butterfly = Moth
  • Light + Prism = Rainbow
  • Light + Rain = Rainbow
  • Light + Water = Rainbow
  • Light + Clock = Sundial
  • Light + Watch = Sundial
  • Light + Wheel = Sundial
  • Light + Tool = Sundial, Flashlight & Solar Cell
  • Light + Wax = Candle
  • Light + Tree = Christmas Tree
  • Light + Pumpkin = Jack-O-Lantern
  • Light + Container = Light Bulb
  • Light + Glass = Light Bulb
  • Light + Machine = Spotlight
  • Light + Metal = Gold & Spotlight
  • Light + Steel = Gold & Spotlight
  • Light + Beach = Lighthouse
  • Light + House = Lighthouse
  • Light + Ocean = Lighthouse
  • Light + Sea = Lighthouse
  • Light + Solar Cell = Electricity
  • Light + Internet = Optical Fiber
  • Light + Rope = Optical Fiber
  • Light + Wire = Optical Fiber
  • Light + Human = Angel
  • Light + Sword = Light Sword
  • Light + Monster = Will-o’-the-Wisp

Shine a Light on More Possibilities

Now that you’ve cast light upon the light-associated elements in the game, it’s time to use that illumination to explore the many other elements that connect with Light.

For example, Sun helps you discover a wide range of elements, including light-related Aurora, Black Hole, Eclipse, Star, and Supernova.

If you own the Myths and Monsters content pack, you can find the Egyptian god of the Sun, Ra, the Aboriginal Australian Rainbow Serpent god, and West Virginia’s monstrous Mothman.