How to Make Mineral in Little Alchemy 2

Certainly, one of the most important things is the world is mineral. In fact, a total of 5,780 mineral species have been discovered as of January 2022. Whereas, mineral can be defined as a solid substance with a well-defined chemical composition.

Likewise, minerals can usually be found under Earth’s surface. And, billions of dollars are spent on extracting the same minerals all around the world. And, these minerals are used for different purposes, such as improving the quality of life.

Nevertheless, our topic for today revolves around obtaining the Mineral element in Little Alchemy 2. And, this will be a fun adventure as we will be obtaining fascinating elements such as Universe and Science in the process.

Talking about which, the first key ingredient of Mineral is Organic Matter. Whereas, the second key ingredient can be any one of your choice from Earth, Rock, Stone, and many more. Further, the below list could help you better prepare for the journey.

Walkthrough for Mineral in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Human

Getting into the process, humans are the only beings who study science, the subject of what and how. And since we require the Science element to create Organic Matter, we will first need the Human element.

To clarify, the below steps will help you obtain the Human element:

And now, it’s time we understand the laws of Universe itself.

Step 2: Create Universe

That is, we will hold the entire universe in the palm of our hands by creating the Universe element. So, can you imagine how amazing it will feel to see all the planets and stars roaming around space?

Further, you can obtain the Universe element as follows:

Woo! We are at the final step already.

Step 3: Create Mineral

Moreover, all we need to do now is create Science to obtain Organic Matter. Afterward, we can use it to obtain the Mineral element. So, perhaps, it’s time you think about what you want to do with the minerals.

Finally, follow the below steps to obtain the Mineral element:

  • Human + Universe = Science
  • Science + Life = Organic Matter
  • Organic Matter + Earth = Mineral

Congrats! You now have an infinite supply of minerals.

Alternative Ways to Obtain Mineral

But, how amazing would it be to have even more sources of minerals? It’s never bad to have an abundance of minerals, as we can infinitely use them to evolve. In fact, we could even shift planets if enough minerals could be transported to Mars.

Therefore, you can use the following alternative ways to obtain the Mineral element:

  • Organic Matter + Hill = Mineral
  • Organic Matter + Mountain = Mineral
  • Organic Matter + Boulder = Mineral
  • Organic Matter + Rock = Mineral
  • Organic Matter + Stone = Mineral

Finally, it’s time we put the Mineral element to use.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Mineral

Above all, Little Alchemy 2 is a game where players can dive into a never-ending journey. Further, whenever you obtain a new element, you can use it to obtain even more elements. So, how about we use Mineral to obtain some new elements?

To sum up, the below list shows all the elements you can obtain using Mineral:

  • Mineral + Charcoal = Gunpowder
  • Mineral + Electricity = Battery
  • Mineral + Energy = Gunpowder
  • Mineral + Fire = Ash
  • Mineral + Metal = Steel
  • Mineral + Ocean = Salt
  • Mineral + Rock = Clay
  • Mineral + Sand = Clay
  • Mineral + Sea = Salt
  • Mineral + Stone = Clay

Great job! You do have some great alchemy skills.


Hence, it’s better you don’t give up, as there are countless more things to explore in Little Alchemy 2. In fact, you can get started by using the above elements to obtain even more elements.

Meanwhile, we will be right here in case you need help navigating the path to your destination. So, feel free to rely on us for our guidelines, as we will always try keeping things simple as we can.