How to Make Ocean in Little Alchemy 2

Have you ever stepped on the beach and wondered how big the ocean might just be?

Apparently, the ocean covers approximately 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. And the ocean is so vast that even after humans have existed for 300,000 years, we have only explored about 5 percent of it.

Likewise, the ocean contains 97 percent of Earth’s water. And, it is in fact the biggest body of water known to humans. That is, who knows if there’s a bigger body of water out there in our universe that we haven’t yet stepped onto.

Nevertheless, many people get confused between the ocean and the sea. So if you also thought the same, the difference is the ocean is a lot bigger than the sea. For instance, there are only 5 oceans in total whereas there are 7 seas.

Moving onto our main topic, we will be obtaining this huge body of water in Little Alchemy 2. Moreover, the game features the Ocean element which is also one of the most fundamental elements.

Because as you know, the Earth was nothing at first but just land, gases, and water. And, the ocean consists of millions of animals and mysteries. So, the Ocean element will be really fun to play with.

Since the element is really easy to obtain, we won’t need to look at its key ingredients. So, we can directly head onto the process of obtaining it.

Simply Create Ocean

As we talked about before, the ocean is the biggest body of water. Similarly, we just need to amplify the other bodies of water to obtain it.

To clarify, you can obtain Ocean by following the below steps:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Water = Ocean

See, isn’t it just as I told you? That is, the ocean is a lot bigger than the sea. In the same way, you can use alternative ways to obtain the Ocean element as Little Alchemy 2 likes its players to get creative.

Alternative Ways To Create Ocean

Subsequently, just like we added more amount of water with Sea to obtain Ocean, we can use alternative elements to do the same.

For instance, the Big element can be used to amplify the size of Sea and obtain Ocean as shown below:

Meanwhile, you can even combine Sea with Sea to obtain Ocean as follows:

  • Sea + Sea = Ocean

Moving onto something more interesting, you might know how big bodies of water react to the gravity of other celestial bodies such as the sun and the moon. So, you can also use the Container element to contain the tides and obtain Ocean.

In short, combing Container and Tide to obtain Ocean as mentioned below:

I hope your sailing has been fun and adventurous. But now, it’s time to dive into the ocean and discover its secrets. Just like how there are so many things in the oceans that we haven’t discovered yet, Little Alchemy 2 also has many secrets that lie deep.

Hence, it is your job to explore and discover all the elements. Further, you can start by using the Ocean element to obtain new elements. And, that’s what we will be diving into next. So, are you ready?

Elements You Can Obtain Using Ocean

Little Alchemy 2 features a never-ending journey that players can thrive on. In other words, you obtained the Ocean element using many ways. And now, you can use the Ocean element itself to obtain newer elements.

Likewise, the cycle can keep on going and you can keep on discovering new elements. For example, you can use the Ocean element to obtain elements as beautiful as Coral to elements as dangerous as Tsunami.

Since oceans are massive, they contain a lot of things. In the same vein, the Ocean element allows players to obtain dozens of new elements.

To clarify, the following list shows all the elements you can obtain using Ocean:

  • Ocean + Airplane = Seaplane
  • Ocean + Animal = Fish
  • Ocean + Antarctica = Iceberg
  • Ocean + Arctic = Iceberg
  • Ocean + Bacteria = Plankton
  • Ocean + Bird = Seagull
  • Ocean + Blood = Shark
  • Ocean + Bone = Coral
  • Ocean + Cold = Arctic + Current
  • Ocean + Continent = Planet
  • Ocean + Cow = Manatee
  • Ocean + Deity = Poseidon
  • Ocean + Dog = Seal
  • Ocean + Earth = Primordial Soup


  • Ocean + Earthquake = Tsunami
  • Ocean + Egg = Fish + Roe
  • Ocean + Electricity = Life
  • Ocean + Explosion = Tsunami
  • Ocean + Fire = Salt
  • Ocean + Fossil = Coral
  • Ocean + Glasses = Swim Goggles
  • Ocean + Grass = Seaweed
  • Ocean + Heat = Current
  • Ocean + Horse = Seahorse
  • Ocean + Human = Sailor
  • Ocean + Hurricane = Wave
  • Ocean + Ice = Iceberg
  • Ocean + Island = Archipelago
  • Ocean + Lava = Primordial Soup
  • Ocean + Life = Plankton
  • Ocean + Light = Lighthouse


  • Ocean + Lightning = Life
  • Ocean + Meteor = Tsunami
  • Ocean + Moon = Tide
  • Ocean + Motion = Current
  • Ocean + Ocean = Pressure
  • Ocean + Paper = Map
  • Ocean + Pigeon = Seagull
  • Ocean + Planet = Primordial Soup
  • Ocean + Plant = Seaweed
  • Ocean + Rat = Seagull
  • Ocean + Sand = Beach
  • Ocean + Science = Current
  • Ocean + Scuba Tank = Diver
  • Ocean + Sickness = Seasickness
  • Ocean + Sky = Horizon
  • Ocean + Small = Sea
  • Ocean + Spotlight = Lighthouse


  • Ocean + Star = Starfish
  • Ocean + Steam Engine = Steamboat
  • Ocean + Storm = Hurricane + Wave
  • Ocean + Sun = Salt
  • Ocean + Sunglasses = Swim Goggles
  • Ocean + Time = Tide
  • Ocean + Tornado = Hurricane
  • Ocean + Tree = Coral
  • Ocean + Unicorn = Narwhal
  • Ocean + Volcano = Island
  • Ocean + Wind = Wave
  • Ocean + Wolf = Shark
  • Ocean + Wood = Boat

Wooh! I don’t know if I’m dripping with sweat or just the water of the ocean. Nonetheless, the list was super long but the elements are certainly fascinating.

In addition, you can keep on diving deeper into the ocean and discover newer elements. However, caution as the pressure will increase extremely just as you keep on diving deeper. So, you will definitely be needing some really good gears.


Not to mention, sharks can be life-threatening so perhaps a submarine could do a better job. My point is, Little Alchemy 2 lets you go crazy out with creativity and imagination. Hence, feel free to think of anything you can and try it for yourself.

Who knows what new way or element you might just come up with! And even if you don’t, you will still have all the fun from the journeys and the adventures. So, don’t stop here and use the new elements to obtain newer ones.

On the other hand, we will have your back just like we guided you today. Moreover, you can count on us to help you navigate your path to your destination. So, keep on exploring as we cheer for you!