How to Make Egg in Little Alchemy 2

Certainly, you must have heard the riddle, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

However, scientists estimate a proto-hen laid an egg while a proto-rooster fertilized it. As a result, the first chicken egg was formed through which the first chicken hatched out. And, it’s unbelievable how two birds that weren’t really chickens created a chicken egg.

Likewise, our topic for today includes the egg, a revolutionary organic matter that changed how lives were created. For instance, it’s been known that all dinosaurs reproduced by laying eggs which let the embryos develop well protected.

Moreover, an egg contains the zygote which later develops into an embryo. Once the embryo can survive on its own, it hatches out of the organic vessel. In this way, the animal can develop safely from outer harm.

Nevertheless, our topic for today includes the Egg element from Little Alchemy 2. Further, the element replicates the egg from the real world. And, we can use the element to obtain any other element related to it.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the process, shall we?

Wait, before that, we will first need to learn about Egg’s key ingredients. That is, Life itself is the key ingredient which we will use to obtain Phoenix. After that, we can use it to finally obtain Egg.

Step 1: Create Life

Little Alchemy 2 requires the Life element as the key ingredient for almost all the animal elements. So, the element can be considered as one of the most fundamental elements in the game.

Consequently, having the Life element could prove handy as you will be using it quite often. Anyway, let’s not sway from our track and focus on obtaining it.

Simply, you can obtain Life as shown in the below steps:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life

Wasn’t that really easy? Well, that’s what we do in our guides. Moreover, we split every major process into smaller ones to make it easy for you. And now, our next step is to obtain the Phoenix element.

Step 2: Create Phoenix

Firstly, if you don’t know what a phoenix is, it’s an immortal bird. The bird is associated with the sun. Similarly, its life reforms from the ashes of its predecessor. Also, the phoenix dies in its own flames and combustion which also decomposes its remains.

Well, isn’t the bird itself a beauty? Anyway, Phoenix is really easy to obtain in Little Alchemy 2 and you can do so by following the below step:

  • Life + Fire = Phoenix

How does it feel to hold the power of the Sun itself? Above all, we are just one step away from obtaining the Egg element. So, let’s not make you wait longer and get right into it!

Step 3: Create Egg

As you might know by now, Little Alchemy 2 is a game that lets you make your own choices. For example, we chose to obtain the Egg element using Phoenix. But, there are so many alternatives to do the same thing.

However, worry not as we will soon dive into it as well. Before that, let’s obtain the Egg element as shown below:

  • Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg

Give yourself a huge pat! You were able to bring a whole new reproductive process into your world. In short, animals can now give birth to their babies by laying eggs and letting them develop safely.

Alternative Ways To Create Egg

Moving onto Little Alchemy 2’s open world, the game never binds you. Instead, you can let your creativity open new doors for you. In other words, you can use alternative ways to do the same thing as obtaining a new element.

For instance, you can use Container instead of Phoenix to obtain Egg as follows:

In the same vein, there are countless other ways to obtain the Egg element. But worry not, all the other alternatives include combining the same element twice.

To clarify, the following list shows how you can obtain Egg using alternative ways:

  • Ant + Ant = Egg
  • Bee + Bee = Egg
  • Bird + Bird = Egg
  • Butterfly + Butterfly = Egg
  • Chameleon + Chameleon = Egg
  • Chicken + Chicken = Egg
  • Crow + Crow = Egg
  • Dinosaur + Dinosaur = Egg
  • Dragon + Dragon = Egg
  • Duck + Duck = Egg
  • Eagle + Eagle = Egg
  • Fish + Fish = Egg
  • Flying Fish + Flying Fish = Egg
  • Hummingbird + Hummingbird = Egg
  • Lizard + Lizard = Egg
  • Moth + Moth = Egg
  • Ostrich + Ostrich = Egg
  • Owl + Owl = Egg
  • Parrot + Parrot = Egg
  • Peacock + Peacock = Egg
  • Penguin + Penguin = Egg
  • Pigeon + Pigeon = Egg
  • Piranha + Piranha =  = Egg
  • Pterodactyl + Pterodactyl = Egg
  • Scorpion + Scorpion = Egg
  • Seagull + Seagull = Egg
  • Snake + Snake = Egg
  • Spider + Spider = Egg
  • Turtle + Turtle = Egg
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex + Tyrannosaurus Rex = Egg
  • Vulture + Vulture = Egg
  • Woodpecker + Woodpecker = Egg

Well, that was a lot of alternative ways to obtain a single element. In fact, the Egg element might even be the element with the most alternative ways to be obtained.

Elements You Can Create Using Egg

Nevertheless, your journey still hasn’t come to an end. Subsequently, we have one last task at our hands. And that is to obtain all the other elements you can create using Egg.

Most importantly, Little Alchemy 2 always provides you with endless adventures. When you open a new door, there are newer doors to be obtained.

In the same way, you can obtain newer elements using the Egg element as follows:

  • Egg + Air = Bird
  • Egg + Airplane = Bird
  • Egg + Alarm Clock = Egg Timer
  • Egg + Barn = Chicken
  • Egg + Beach = Turtle
  • Egg + Chicken = Philosophy
  • Egg + Clock = Egg Timer
  • Egg + Container = Birdhouse + Nest
  • Egg + Deity = Cosmic Egg
  • Egg + Domestication = Chicken
  • Egg + Duck = Duckling
  • Egg + Farm = Chicken
  • Egg + Farmer = Chicken
  • Egg + Fire = Omelette + Phoenix
  • Egg + Fish = Roe
  • Egg + Flour = Pasta
  • Egg + Flying Fish = Roe
  • Egg + Grass = Nest
  • Egg + Hay = Nest
  • Egg + Heat = Omelette
  • Egg + Lake = Fish + Roe
  • Egg + Livestock = Chicken
  • Egg + Monster = Cockatrice
  • Egg + Ocean = Fish + Roe
  • Egg + Oil = Mayonnaise
  • Egg + Pond = Frog
  • Egg + Puddle = Frog
  • Egg + Rock = Lizard
  • Egg + Sand = Turtle
  • Egg + Sea = Fish + Roe
  • Egg + Sky = Bird
  • Egg + Stone = Lizard
  • Egg + Swamp = Lizard
  • Egg + Tool = Omelette
  • Egg + Tree = Nest
  • Egg + Watch = Egg Timer
  • Egg + Water = Fish + Roe

Nonetheless, it’s understandable how we can obtain so many elements using Egg. Because even in the real world, there are countless uses of eggs. Whether they are used for reproduction or to cook omelets.


Finally, we are at the last section of this article. But, your journey isn’t as there’s still so much left for you to explore. Instead, you can use the new elements you just obtained to discover even newer elements.

Little Alchemy 2 is boundless and so should be your imagination. Hence, give yourself the freedom to think and let your creativity go crazy. And just in case you get stuck, you can always rely on us for help.