How to Make Swamp in Little Alchemy 2 (Step-by-Step Guide)

Every time someone mentions swamp, I always think of a wet forest. And it always made me think, why is it always wet? If you are like me, then get ready as we will be exploring Swamp in Little Alchemy 2 and other interesting elements that are linked with Swamp.

But before we combine elements, let us understand first what actually is a swamp. Swamps are actually very important to an area wherein it is affected by flooding and there is no natural waterway for the floodwater to exit from.

So they absorb or act as a giant sponge for this water and keep it in an area where naturally evaporates over time. Also, since it is a very wet and damp environment, it is actually very suitable for wildlife and vegetation to grow, making it one of the most important ecosystems on the planet.

Although all sorts of wildlife thrive in swamps, it is not sometimes suitable for humans as this damp area is also suited for bacteria and all sorts of infectious diseases to grow and evolve. Making it an isolation area that in most times, exclusive for animals only.

That is why it is uncommon for someone to just wander around swaps or wetlands unless you are doing research or a film crew for National Geographic.

It also plays a key role in protecting coastal areas and other areas that humans are present like residential and recreational parks. The way it works is that it acts as a temporary waterway and diverts unnecessary water on the protected areas.

So how do I create Swamp in Little Alchemy 2? The simplest and fastest way is to combine Grass and Mud. Since both are not base elements, we made an easy step-by=step guide in creating Swamp from scratch!

This article is a part of LifeRejoice’s step-by-step ‘how to’ guide series for making Elements in Little Alchemy 2. Click here to check out more Little Alchemy 2 Element guides.

Also, we will show a full list of all elements you can unlock from all key elements in creating Swamp! Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create Grass

Do you ever feel happy when you smell the scent of freshly cut grass? It may surprise you but there is actually a scientific explanation for this.

Researchers found that a chemical compound from aldehydes and alcohols or sometimes called volatile organic compounds, are released from grass and are causing this destressing, positive, and happy feeling.

Let’s recreate it by making one in Little Alchemy 2! 

  1. Combine Water (base element) + Water to create Puddle
  2. Combine Puddle + Puddle to create Pond
  3. Combine Pond + Pond to create Lake
  4. Combine Lake + Lake to create Sea
  5. Combine Sea + Earth (base element) to create Primordial Soup
  6. Combine Fire (base element) + Fire to create Energy
  7. Combine Energy + Primordial Soup to create Life
  8. Combine Life + Earth to create Soil
  9. Combine Earth + Earth to create Land
  10. Combine Land + Land to create Continent
  11. Combine Continent + Continent to create Planet
  12. Combine Planet + Air (base element) to create Atmosphere
  13. Combine Atmosphere + Water to create Cloud
  14. Combine Cloud + Water to create Rain
  15. Combine Rain + Soil to create Plant
  16. Finally, combine Plant + Earth to create Grass

You may also create Grass by combining Land (Earth + Earth) + Plant

What can you make with Grass?

  • Grass + Animal = Ant
  • Grass + Aquarium = Greenhouse
  • Grass + Axe = Scythe
  • Grass + Barn = Hay
  • Grass + Big = Plant
  • Grass + Bird = Nest
  • Grass + Blade = Scythe
  • Grass + Carbon Dioxide = Oxygen
  • Grass + Cat = Catnip
  • Grass + City = Park
  • Grass + Container = Lawn
  • Grass + Dawn = Dew
  • Grass + Deity** = Green Man** 
  • Grass + Domestication = Wheat
  • Grass + Farm = Hay
  • Grass + Farmer = Wheat and Hay
  • Grass + Flower = Garden
  • Grass + Human = Farmer
  • Grass + Glass = Greenhouse
  • Grass + Lake = Algae
  • Grass + Livestock = Cow
  • Grass + Ocean = Seaweed
  • Grass + Puddle = Reed
  • Grass + Rainbow = Flower
  • Grass + Seed = Flower
  • Grass + Smoke = Tobacco
  • Grass + Tool = Lawn Mower
  • Grass + Vegetable = Carrot
  • Grass + Village = Park
  • Grass + Wall = Fence and Ivy

**Exclusive item from the Myths and Monsters content pack

Step 2 : Create Mud

Like grass, mud will also trigger happy vibes. Researchers found out that kids that have exposure to friendly soil bacteria, stimulate the immune system that causes the release of serotonin.

Adults have a similar reaction when running through the mud on a rainy day. Let’s recreate Mud in Little Alchemy 2, and keep the positive vibe going!

  • Combine Earth (base element) + Water (base element) to create Mud

You may also create Mud by combining Soil + Water

What can you make with Mud?

  • Mud + Air = Dust
  • Mud + Ant = Anthill
  • Mud + Big = Land
  • Mud + Farmer = Field
  • Mud + Life = Plant
  • Mud + Plow = Field
  • Mud + Rain = Plant
  • Mud + Seed = Plant
  • Mud + Soil = Land
  • Mud + Tool = Field

Step 3: Create Swamp and other Combinations

You may also create Swamp with the following combinations:

  • Algae + Lake
  • Algae + Pond
  • Lake + Reed
  • Lake + Tree
  • Mud + Reed
  • Mud + Tree
  • Pond + Reed

If Algae is not available, you can create it with Plant + Water

If Reed is not available, you can create it with Plant + Puddle

If Tree is not available, you create it with Plant + Big

To create Big:

  1. Combine Earth + Earth to create Land
  2. Combine Land + Land to create Continent
  3. Combine Continent + Continent to create Planet
  4. Combine Water + Water to create Puddle
  5. Combine Puddle + Puddle to create Pond
  6. Combine Pond + Pond to create Lake
  7. Combine Lake + Lake to create Sea
  8. Combine Sea + Earth to create Primordial Soup
  9. Combine Fire + Fire to create Energy
  10. Combine Primordial Soup + Energy to create Life
  11. Combine Life + Fire to create Phoenix
  12. Combine Phoenix + Phoenix to create Egg
  13. Combine Mud + Life to create Bacteria
  14. Combine Stone + Fire to create Metal
  15. Combine Stone + Stone to create Wall
  16. Combine Wall + Wall to create House
  17. Combine Earth + Metal to create Plow
  18. Combine Plow + Earth to create Field
  19. Combine Field + House to create Barn
  20. Combine Barn + Egg to create Chicken
  21. Combine Egg + Chicken to create Philosophy
  22. Finally, combine Philosophy + Planet to create Big

What can you create when you combine Swamp with?

  • Swamp + Animal = Lizard
  • Swamp + Egg = Lizard
  • Swamp + Grass = Reed
  • Swamp + Human = Sickness
  • Swamp + Lizard = Alligator
  • Swamp + Monster** = Bunyip**
  • Swamp + Plant = Peat and Reed
  • Swamp + Pressure = Peat
  • Swamp + Sand = Quicksand
  • Swamp + Time = Peat

Hope you learned something new today and will keep your mood up! Feel free to check other Little Alchemy 2 guides on the website, or you might want to check out other interesting topics about lifestyle in general! Cheers!