How to Make Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2

Life on Earth would not have existed without the presence of Oxygen. Every living thing on this planet needs it to survive. It helps things to grow, reproduce, and turn food into energy.

The Oxygen we breathe, in turn, gives our cells the ability to break down food in order to get the energy we use to get through our day.

There are multiple ways of creating Oxygen in Little Alchemy 2, but the easiest way is to just combine, Plant and Sun.

In reality, Plants produce our clean oxygen through photosynthesis, which is when a plant has water and carbon dioxide, it needs sunlight to help generate its food. The excess food is released to the environment as a gas which is what we consider oxygen.

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However, Plant and Sun are not base elements when you start off the game. This means that you have to work your way up to base elements and create other combinations before coming up with the required element to create Oxygen.

Too complicated? No worries! We will show you an easy step-by-step guide on how you can create Oxygen from Plant and Sun starting from base elements as well as other combinations that you can create Oxygen from, and what you can create with Oxygen on other amazing combinations. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create the Plant

Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release Oxygen from their leaves, which humans and other animals need to survive. It is also a source of food, medicine, and sometimes even shelter.

We can create this element in Little Alchemy 2, by combining a few items from scratch. Here’s a guide to creating plant from base elements

  • Combine Fire (base element) + Fire to create Energy
  • Combine Water (base element) + Water to create Puddle
  • Combine Puddle + Puddle to create Pond
  • Combine Pond + Pond to create Lake
  • Combine Lake + Lake to create Sea
  • Combine Sea + Earth (base element) to create Primordial Soup
  • Combine Primordial Soup + Energy to create Life
  • Combine Life + Earth to create Soil
  • Combine Soil + Life to finally create Plant

If you already unlocked other elements, you may find these other combinations to create Plant:

  • Algae and Earth
  • Algae and Land
  • Big and Grass
  • Earth and Seed
  • Land and Seed
  • Rain and Soil
  • Seed and Soil
  • Seed and Water
  • Small and Tree

Acquiring Plant is a great element to unlock other cool elements, that will also unlock more complex elements. Here are a few elements you can unlock with Plant:

  • Plant and Human = Farmer
  • Plant and Cloud = Cotton
  • Plant and Time = Tree
  • Plant and Pollen = Seed
  • Plant and Fruit = Fruit Tree
  • Plant and Aquarium = Greenhouse
  • Plant and Smoke = Tobacco
  • Plant and Wall = Hedge Ivy
  • Plant and Cat = Catnip

Step 2: Create the Sun

Without the Sun’s heat and light, the Earth would not sustain life and will resemble any planet in our solar system. The Sun warms our waters and bodies, provides energy, provides food to plants, creates different weather, and of course, light to the darkness.

We can recreate the Sun in Little Alchemy 2, with just a few item combinations. Here’s a guide to creating Sun from base elements

  • Combine Earth (base element) + Earth to create Land
  • Combine Land + Land to create Continent
  • Combine Continent + Continent to create Planet
  • Combine Planet + Fire (base element) to finally create Sun

Finally, combine Plant and Sun to create Oxygen.

If you already unlocked other elements, you may find these other combinations to create Sun:

  • Day and Light
  • Day and Sky
  • Day and Space
  • Fire and Sky
  • Light and Planet
  • Light and Sky

You can also unlock other great items when combined with Sun. Here are a few items the items you can unlock:

  • Sun and Algae = Oxygen
  • Sun and Atmosphere = Aurora and Sky
  • Sun and Boulder = Meteoroid
  • Sun and Container = Solar System
  • Sun and Explosion = Super Nova
  • Sun and Fruit = Alcohol
  • Sun and Meat = Jerky
  • Sun and Moon = Eclipse and Sky
  • Sun and Ocean = Salt
  • Sun and Pressure = Black Hole
  • Sun and Star = Space
  • Sun and Water = Rainbow

You can see the complete list here 

Also, combining Plant and Sun will not only give you Oxygen, but it will also produce Sun Flower. 

Step 3. Other Oxygen combinations

Sun and Plant is not the only combination for you to unlock Oxygen. You may unlock Oxygen with these other combinations:

  • Algae (Plant and Water) and Carbon Dioxide 
  • Algae and Sun
  • Carbon Dioxide and Grass
  • Carbon Dioxide and Plant
  • Carbon Dioxide and Tree
  • Grass and Sun
  • Sun and Tree 

If you do not have Carbon Dioxide, you can mix the following :

  • Animal + Oxygen
  • Bird + Oxygen
  • Fish + Oxygen
  • Grass + Night
  • Human + Oxygen
  • Night + Plant
  • Night + Tree

If you do not have Grass, you can mix the following:

  • Earth + Plant
  • Land + Plant

If you do not have Tree, you can mix the following:

  • Big + Plant
  • Container + Nest
  • Plant + Time
  • Plant + Wood

What to do with Oxygen

Since Oxygen is a diverse and widely used element, there is a multitude of items you can create with these different combinations:

  • Oxygen and Animal = Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen and Bird = Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen and Container = Scuba Tank
  • Oxygen and Electricity = Ozone
  • Oxygen and Fish = Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen and Human = Carbon Dioxide
  • Oxygen and Metal = Rust
  • Oxygen and Oxygen = Ozone
  • Oxygen and Philosophy = Small
  • Oxygen and Steel = Rust
  • Oxygen and Wine = Vinegar

By unlocking Carbon Dioxide, you will open other unique items such as Fire Extinguisher, Dry Ice, Soda, and Small. Small refers to basically a size reference, which in turn, can make a smaller version of an item you wish to combine Small with.

Here are a few references that are quite amusing if you combine Small

  • Alchemist + Small = Little Alchemy
  • Boulder + Small = Rock
  • Clock + Small = Watch
  • Continent + Small = Land
  • Demon + Small = Goblin
  • Dinosaur + Small = Lizard
  • Jupiter + Small = Saturn
  • Lake + Small = Pond
  • Life + Small = Bacteria
  • Shovel + Small = Spoon
  • Tablet + Small = Smart Phone
  • Tree + Small = Bonsai Plant 

Hope you learned something interesting today with the help of Little Alchemy 2, and eventually discover something new with your own combinations. There is always room to explore and learn. Cheers!