How to Make Cow in Little Alchemy 2

Cows are one of the most common domesticated animals raised as livestock for harvesting meat, milk, and leather. However, one fact that I must clarify first is only adult female cattle are called cows in taxonomy.

Meanwhile, adult male cattle are referred to as bulls. But, it’s no problem referring to the whole species as cows.

Nevertheless, our topic for today contains creating the Cow element in Little Alchemy 2. And, this guide could prove handy as the Cow element will give you access to dozens of new elements.

Likewise, you can spice up your journey with these elements. And, if you are an animal lover, it doesn’t hurt to have a cow right? Moreover, it will only prove useful as it can provide meat, milk, and leather.

So getting onto our main topic, we will first need the key ingredients of the Cow element. In short, Animal and Livestock are the two elements we will require in order to obtain Cow.

Although the process might sound difficult if you are a beginner, I guarantee you it will be really simple. In fact, we will first create Animal and then use it again to obtain Livestock.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into some alchemy, shall we?

Step 1: Create Animal

As we talked about before, cows are domestic animals raised as livestock. Furthermore, cows belong to the subfamily Bovinae and species of the genus Bos. Oh, worry not if you didn’t understand what I just said.

Instead, creating the Animal element is our main priority. And remember, this element is one of the most fundamental elements in Little Alchemy 2. For instance, you will probably use this to obtain any other animal in the game.

Anyway, the below steps will help you obtain the Animal element:

  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Primordial Soup + Energy = Life
  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Life = Animal

Aren’t animals just the best thing in the world? That is to say, even if you show them a little bit of love and affection, they will get attached to you. Above all, they will give you back even more love and affection.

Step 2: Create Livestock

Now that we have the first key ingredient of Cow, our next step will be much easier. Further, we will be using Animal to create the second key ingredient.

In other words, livestock falls into the animal category. So, it’s obvious how Little Alchemy 2 requires the Animal element in order to create the Livestock element. And worry not, the last step is definitely going to be the easiest.

Also, note that you will obtain the Field element in the process. And, we will be mixing Livestock with it to obtain the Cow element at last.

Likewise, follow the below steps to obtain the Livestock element:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Fire = Metal
  • Metal + Earth = Plow
  • Plow + Earth = Field
  • Field + Animal = Livestock

Are you excited now that you have all the elements required to obtain the Cow element? Well, let’s not keep you waiting and get right into the last step.

Step 3: Create Cow

Little Alchemy 2 has always let the players pave their own path. In addition, the game is boundless and there are multiple ways to do the same thing.

For instance, if you are interested, there are many other ways to obtain the Cow element than the method we are following. So, if you aren’t satisfied with our process, feel free to use any other method out there.

But for now, we will be combining Field and Livestock to obtain Cow as shown below:

  • Field + Livestock = Cow

Certainly, you might be confused how we mentioned Animal was the key ingredient of the Cow element. But, we used the Field element instead.

It’s because we require the Animal element to obtain Livestock. Whereas, you will automatically obtain the Field element while creating the Livestock element. Hence, Animal plays a more important role than Field.

Elements You Can Create Using Cow

Nonetheless, we have finally obtained the Cow element. And, that opens the door to many other elements.

Just like we mentioned how useful cows are in real life, the Cow element works in the same way. Moreover, you can create elements that are related to it such as Meat, Steak, Leather, Meat, etc.

To sum up, the following list contains all the elements you can create using Cow:

  • Cow + Axe = Meat
  • Cow + BBQ = Steak
  • Cow + Blade = Leather
  • Cow + Butched = Meat
  • Cow + Car = Tractor
  • Cow + Cart = Wagon
  • Cow + Container = Barn
  • Cow + Desert = Camel
  • Cow + Dune = Camel
  • Cow + Farmer = Milk
  • Cow + Fire = Steak
  • Cow + Fish = Manatee
  • Cow + Giant = Babe The Blue Ox
  • Cow + Hill = Goat
  • Cow + House = Barn
  • Cow + Human = Minotaur
  • Cow + Lake = Manatee
  • Cow + Legend = Minotaur
  • Cow + Liquid = Milk
  • Cow + Mountain = Goat
  • Cow + Mountain Range = Goat
  • Cow + Mud = Pig
  • Cow + Ocean = Manatee
  • Cow + Paper = Origami
  • Cow + Paul Bunyan = Babe The Blue Ox
  • Cow + River = Hippo + Manatee
  • Cow + Rope = Lasso
  • Cow + Sand = Camel
  • Cow + Sea = Manatee
  • Cow + Story = Minotaur
  • Cow + Sword = Leather + Meat
  • Cow + Tool = Leather + Meat + Milk
  • Cow + Wagon = Tractor
  • Cow + Water = Hippo + Milk
  • Cow + Werewolf = Minotaur

Whew, wasn’t that tiring? It’s obvious you will get tired by exploring lots of new elements at once. But, the bright side to it is your journey will be more interesting. And, you can uncover even more secrets that lie deep in the sea of Little Alchemy 2.


It’s time we wrap up this guide. In other words, you succeeded in obtaining the Cow element. And, you also created many more elements using it. But, there’s still so much more out there for you to explore.

Similarly, Little Alchemy 2 is all about your creative imagination. And, the game will keep on providing newer elements for you to explore. Also, if you want to dive deeper into the game’s fantasy, you can unlock the ‘Myths and Monsters’ content pack.

I assure you the content pack is worth it as it gives you access to a whole different fantasy world. Moreover, you will have access to elements such as Deity, Evil, etc. And, you won’t ever need to worry if your journey will come to an end.

Nonetheless, we will always have your back if you can’t navigate your path. We cheer for you and wish for your success. So, keep on exploring!