How to Make Oasis in Little Alchemy 2

Most of us can’t imagine living in a desert where it’s always super hot and dry. In fact, we would have to travel miles just to get water. But, what if I told you, we can still live a fantastic life in a desert, thanks to oases?

Moreover, oasis is a fertile land located in a desert, where we can live a pretty much normal life, despite being in the middle of a desert. However, we will also have to put continuous work and different tactics to maintain such ecosystem.

So, to get started, how about we create the Oasis element in Little Alchemy 2? Above all, the game’s main objective is to let players experience everything that they might not get to do in real life.

Whereas, obtaining Oasis is simple as we just need the Desert element as our key ingredient. In the same way, we can combine Desert with any water element or vegetation element to acquire Oasis.

Nevertheless, don’t worry if you still don’t have a clear idea, as we will explain everything eventually. For now, feel free to take a look at the below list to better prepare for the journey ahead.

Walkthrough for Oasis in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Desert

As we know, oasis can only be found in deserts or semidesert environments. Hence, it’s obvious we will require the Desert element to create the Oasis element. Meanwhile, we can easily create Desert by obtaining the Sand element first.

In short, you can obtain the Desert element as shown below:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Air = Sand
  • Sand + Sand = Desert

Let’s add some water in the middle of Desert next, shall we?

Step 2: Create A Water Element

Further, when it comes to water element, Little Alchemy 2 has plenty of them. And since the game wants its players to let out their creativity, it’s their job to make their own choices. So, which water element do you want to use to create Oasis?

Nonetheless, the below steps will help you gather a bunch of water elements:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake

Likewise, we can also use the River element to acquire Oasis. But, it does require its own combinations to be obtained.

However, you can simply obtain the River element as follows:

  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Earth = Earthquake
  • Earthquake + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Water = River

Woo! Are you prepared to give a shot at life in the desert?

Step 3: Create Oasis

Finally, as we talked about before, it’s your job to use the elements you want to create Oasis. And since we obtained a bunch of water elements in the last step, feel free to use any one of them to achieve our goal.

To sum up, choose any one of the below steps to create the Oasis element:

  • Desert + Puddle = Oasis
  • Desert + Pond = Oasis
  • Desert + Lake = Oasis
  • Desert + River = Oasis

Wait! If you didn’t list these methods, worry not, because there are plenty more alternative ways to acquire Oasis.

More Alternative Ways to Obtain Oasis

Above all, Little Alchemy 2 is boundless, and as long as players are interested, they can always find something new to look forward. Similarly, perhaps you want to use other elements to obtain Oasis. Well, good news for you, as there are more exciting ways to do so.

Moreover, the below list shows all the other alternative ways to obtain the Oasis element:

  • Desert + Stream = Oasis
  • Desert + Palm = Oasis
  • Desert + Tree = Oasis

Give yourself a huge pat! You have great alchemy skills, and they will surely come handy during your life in an oasis.


Nonetheless, unlike most other elements, the Oasis element doesn’t allow players to obtain other elements. However, you can always make your own choices, and try out new combinations.

Therefore, feel free to use any new element we obtained above, and explore more of Little Alchemy 2’s world. Most importantly, the game itself is a never-ending journey. And, players can make the world even more interesting by uncovering more secrets.

Also, don’t hesitate to rely on us anytime, as we are always cheering for you. And, seeing you succeed makes us happy.