How to Make Pollen in Little Alchemy 2

Unlike different living beings, plants and trees have different ways of reproducing. That is to say, they can’t move like animals nor have reproductive organs like them. Hence, the way plants and trees reproduce is through pollination.

Moreover, pollination is the process of transferring pollen grains from male flowers to female flowers. In other words, the pollen grains move from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma.

Likewise, you surely know how important plants and trees are as they produce oxygen for animals. Meanwhile, they are also a major source of food such as vegetables, fruits, and fodders are produced from vegetation.

Nevertheless, our Earth wouldn’t be so green and it wouldn’t take long before it became lifeless if plants and trees didn’t exist. Hence, pollination is a really important process for both plants and trees themselves as well as animals.

Similarly, our topic for today includes obtaining the Pollen element in Little Alchemy 2. Further, you can protect the world by taking care of pollination between plants. In addition, you can also add more plants in the world and protect our environment.

Well, doesn’t that sound fun? In fact, we will also look at all the elements we can create using Pollen. Hence, your journey will be full of fun and excitement as you can expect to find some pretty interesting elements.

But before we dive deeper, wear your mask first as you shouldn’t inhale pollens. For instance, they can cause severe problems in the lungs such as asthma. So if you are ready, let’s get started and save the environment, shall we?

Getting into the topic, the key ingredients of Pollen are Plant and Dust. And, we will explain to you why we require them as we keep going deeper into the topic.

Step 1: Create Plant

Since the entire process of pollination takes place between plants, it’s obvious we need plants to make it happen. Therefore, Little Alchemy 2 requires the Plant element to obtain Pollen. Also, this might be the toughest part of today’s guide as Plant does require some hefty combinations.

However, worry not as we will be guiding you step by step and making things really simple. And, you will also obtain the Life element in the process which is one of the fundamental elements in Little Alchemy 2.

Nonetheless, you can easily obtain the Plant element as shown below:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Primordial Soup + Energy = Life
  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Earth = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud
  • Cloud + Water = Rain
  • Earth + Life = Soil
  • Rain + Soil = Plant

Wooh! Look at all those elements we obtained while creating the Plant element. Likewise, our plants are ready to pollinate. But, the thing we need to overcome now is how we will transfer pollens from the male flower to the female flower.

Step 2: Create Dust

Looking at how plants pollinate in the real world, it’s pretty simple. Moreover, sometimes it’s the wind that transfers the pollens. Whereas, honey bees also transfer pollens from male to female flowers while they soak juice from them.

On the other hand, pollens are dust-like particles so it’s obvious Little Alchemy 2 requires the Dust element to obtain Pollen. Also, worry not as it’s easy to obtain it. In fact, we just need a single combination to obtain Dust.

To clarify, follow the below step to obtain the Dust element:

  • Air + Earth = Dust

Well, has your journey been adventurous? Nevertheless, journeys always don’t need to be difficult to have fun. Instead, it’s all about creativity and imagination that Little Alchemy 2 focuses on.

Step 3: Create Pollen

Talking about which, we are just one step away from finally obtaining Pollen. That is, we have both the key ingredients required to obtain Pollen so let’s not make you wait any longer. And, let’s get right into it!

In short, combine Dust with Plant to obtain the Pollen element as follows:

  • Dust + Plant = Pollen

See, this is how Little Alchemy 2 works! What I mean is the game is all about finding relations between different elements. Also, we have got one surprise for you to make things clearer.

Alternative Ways To Obtain Pollen

Since Little Alchemy 2 allows players to get creative as they can, the game provides countless ways to do things. For example, there are many alternative ways to obtain the Pollen element.

In the same vein, we will now use these alternative ways to obtain Pollen. Firstly, you can even combine Dust with Flower to obtain Pollen as shown below:

On the other hand, we already told you how wind also transfers pollens. Hence, you can combine Flower or Plant with Wind to obtain Pollen as follows:

  • Flower + Wind = Pollen
  • Plant + Wind = Pollen

Consequently, I hope you now know the main objective of Little Alchemy 2. Further, the game is all about exploring new ways to do things. And now that we have used all the alternative ways to obtain Pollen, it’s time we have more fun!

Elements You Can Obtain Using Pollen

The best thing about Little Alchemy 2 is there is no end. Moreover, you can focus on obtaining newer elements after finally obtaining a new element. As a result, you can consider your journey is never-ending just like our real world.

Similarly, there is no end to Little Alchemy 2’s enormous sea and its secrets. And now, we will use the Pollen element to obtain even more elements. Although we might not be able to obtain dozens of elements using it, we will still get some pretty interesting elements.

To sum up, the following list shows all the elements you can obtain using Pollen:

  • Pollen + Bee = Seed
  • Pollen + Human = Allergy
  • Pollen + Plant = Seed

Give yourself a huge pat! You successfully used the Pollen element to its fullest. Hence, the next thing is what lies ahead of your adventure. That is, you can now use these new elements to obtain even more elements.


Meanwhile, Little Alchemy 2 also features content packs that give players access to elements that are unavailable otherwise. For instance, the ‘Myths and Monsters’ content pack provides elements such as Deity, Evil, Immortality, etc.

In conclusion, feel free to try new things as Little Alchemy 2 has many secrets that have yet to be discovered. Whereas, we will be right here just in case you need help navigating the path to your destination. So, keep going as we cheer for you!