How to Make Skyscraper in Little Alchemy 2

It’s amazing how far humans have come with all the developments they have brought along. To clarify, humans have built vehicles that allow them to travel across space, buildings that are hundreds of times taller than themselves.

Likewise, skyscrapers can be considered as one major aspect of judging a city’s development. In simple words, skyscrapers are tall buildings and as their name defines, they touch the sky with their pointy tips which seems like they are scraping it.

Moreover, wouldn’t it be amazing to have your own skyscraper? And, that’s exactly what we will be doing today by obtaining the Skyscraper element in Little Alchemy 2. And since skyscrapers are simply tall houses, we can use House to obtain Skyscraper.

However, you can choose any second key ingredient as long as it’s related to skyscrapers. For instance, elements such as Big or Sky will do the work. But for your ease, we will just go with the Cloud element in this article.

Also, you can take a look at the below list to better prepare yourself for the journey ahead. So without further ado, let’s get right into some alchemy, shall we?

Walkthrough for Skyscraper in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Cloud

Talking about which, clouds are the floaty balls in the sky that look exactly like cotton. Likewise, even thinking about them makes us feel like sleeping over them, don’t you agree? Nevertheless, it’s really simple to obtain the Cloud element.

In short, follow the below steps to obtain the Cloud element:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud

Now that the clouds are up and running, we need some buildings to scrape them off.

Step 2: Create House

That is, we will be creating tall houses with a large number of floors. As a result, these houses can help us touch the sky and play with the clouds. Hence, our next step is to create the House element.

Moreover, you can obtain the House element as shown below:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Wall + Wall = House

Oh, I’m super excited and hope you feel the same as we are just one step away from obtaining our goal.

Step 3: Create Skyscraper

Above all, Little Alchemy 2 is dedicated to making things as simple as possible for its players. Hence, we don’t need to worry about details no matter what element we are obtaining. And certainly, creating skyscrapers in real life requires a lot of manpower.

But, you can simply obtain the Skyscraper element as the below step suggests:

  • House + Cloud = Skyscraper

Congrats! You have successfully engineered a skyscraper that’s tall enough to touch the clouds.

Alternative Ways To Obtain Skyscraper

However, wouldn’t it be amazing to build a whole city out of skyscrapers? Therefore, I think it will be a really good idea to create even more Skyscraper elements. And worry not, it won’t be boring as we will use as many ways as possible.

To sum up, the following list shows the alternative ways to obtain Skyscraper:

  • House + Big = Skyscraper
  • House + Sky = Skyscraper
  • Sky + Village = Skyscraper

Finally, now that our skyscrapers are standing strong, let’s give some life to it.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Skyscraper

That is, skyscrapers are just rocks and stones until there is some life in them. Moreover, skyscrapers without purposes are useless. So, let’s fill the skyscrapers with things such as banks to make it a big city.

Further, go ahead and use the Skyscraper element to obtain the following elements:

  • Skyscraper + Bank = City
  • Skyscraper + Bird = Pigeon
  • Skyscraper + Container = City
  • Skyscraper + Dinosaur = Kaiju
  • Skyscraper + Gold = Bank
  • Skyscraper + Money = Bank
  • Skyscraper + Mouse = Rat
  • Skyscraper + Post Office = City
  • Skyscraper + Safe = Bank
  • Skyscraper + Skyscraper = City
  • Skyscraper + Time = Ruins
  • Skyscraper + Village = City

Give yourself a huge pat! Our goal was to make a simple skyscraper. But, you went all out and created an entire city.


Likewise, that’s exactly what Little Alchemy 2 wants from its players. Moreover, the game’s main objective is to use our creativity to explore as many things as we can. And to do that, we can only try new combinations using new elements.

In conclusion, use the new elements you just obtained to discover more of Little Alchemy 2’s world. And, we will be right here in case you need any help.