How to Make Solid in Little Alchemy 2

As we know, the world consists of infinite things ranging from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. Likewise, everything comes in different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they also come in different fundamental states of matter such as solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.

Likewise, most materials that form structures are solid. That is, solid can be defined as anything that has molecules packed together tightly. In other words, a solid is a rigid body, unlike liquid or gas.

In the same vein, our topic for today revolves around solid and its glories. Further, we will be obtaining the Solid element in Little Alchemy 2. But, if you are curious to learn about other fundamental states of matter, you can check our guide on the Liquid element.

Nevertheless, one simple way to find out if something is solid is to ask yourself if that thing breaks or not. Whereas, you can’t break liquid or gas, right? Well, now that you know what solid is, we will be moving on to the process of obtaining the Solid element.

Since humans are the only living being on Earth with the knowledge of science, only we can label things as solid. Hence, Little Alchemy 2 requires the Human element as a key ingredient of Solid.

Meanwhile, everything about the fundamental states of matter can be considered as science. Therefore, we will also need the Science element to obtain Solid. Also, you don’t need to worry as our guide will make things really simple!

So without further ado, let’s get right into some alchemy, shall we?

Step 1: Create Human

Humans have existed on Earth for a long time. However, to this day, we are still searching for answers about this world and how things exist. In addition, we have been successful to a huge extent as we have discovered many things.

Similarly, the Human element is one of the most fundamental elements in Little Alchemy 2. That is to say, we can obtain any profession and human-related elements using it. So, having this element in your inventory can come in handy later.

Nonetheless, you can simply obtain the Human element as shown below:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life
  • Earth + Water = Mud
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Mud = Clay
  • Clay + Life = Human

It’s interesting how Little Alchemy 2 requires Clay and Life as the key ingredients of Human. But certainly, humans are considered to be born from the soil as it also decomposes the dead bodies to give birth to another life.

Step 2: Create Science

Moving onto the next key ingredient of Solid, Universe will allow us to obtain Science. Further, humans have been studying all the natures of the world. And, we consider science as the subject of studying how and why they exist.

As a result, it’s obvious we will require the Science element to obtain Solid. Also, I assure you, this element is really fun to obtain as all we need to do is double up the fundamental elements starting from Earth.

To clarify, the following steps will allow you to obtain the Science element:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Planet = Solar System
  • Solar System + Solar System = Galaxy
  • Galaxy + Galaxy = Galaxy Cluster
  • Galaxy Cluster + Galaxy Cluster = Universe
  • Human + Universe = Science

Wooh! You even have the Universe element in the palm of your hands. Aren’t you excited to explore more of the world Little Alchemy 2 has provided you? But before that, we are just one step away from obtaining Solid. So let’s not waste any more time!

Step 3: Create Solid

Now that we have both the key ingredients required to obtain Solid, you just need to combine Human with Science to do so. Subsequently, let’s not ignore the fact that Little Alchemy 2 makes everything fascinating.

For instance, it would have been boring to study science if we were in a school. However, since we are actually playing with science itself, it has been a wonderful journey, hasn’t it?

Finally, follow the below step to obtain the Solid element:

  • Earth + Science = Solid

Just like how science is a vast field containing infinite topics, Little Alchemy 2 also provides players with unlimited choices. My point is, you can use different ways to obtain the Solid element if you are interested!

Alternative Ways To Obtain Solid

The world has existed for a far longer time than humans or any other beings have. And, science has always existed ever since the beginning of time. Hence, science is nothing but an idea and knowledge of the world we live in.

Consequently, you can also combine Earth with Idea to obtain Solid. So, the following step shows the alternative way to obtain the Solid element:

  • Earth + Idea = Solid

Nevertheless, you must be clear by now that Little Alchemy 2 allows players to get creative and find new ways to do things. Meanwhile, players can also combine different elements to obtain new elements.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Solid

In the same way, our next step is to use the Solid element we just obtained to create newer elements. Although Solid doesn’t help players obtain many elements, it still provides some important elements.

In addition, you can also obtain the Liquid element using Solid. How convenient is it that we can obtain two fundamental states of matter using one?

To sum up, the following list shows all the elements you can create using the Solid element:

  • Solid + Earth = Stone
  • Solid + Energy = Liquid
  • Solid + Puddle = Ice
  • Solid + Water = Ice

Give yourself a huge pat! You successfully obtained the Solid element and used it to the fullest. And if you are interested, you don’t need to stop here.


Instead, Little Alchemy 2 provides more fun for players who love adventures. That is, you can use the new elements you just obtained to create even more elements. Whereas, we will be right here just in case you need our help.

Further, the game also provides different content packs that give players access to elements that are unavailable otherwise. For example, the ‘Myths and Monsters’ content pack allows players to play with elements related to myths and legends.

In conclusion, you can check our guide on elements such as Deity, Evil, Immortality, etc. and have a taste of content packs. So, keep going as we cheer for you, adventurer!