How to Make Tea in Little Alchemy 2

Who thought adding some leaves to a cup filled with hot water could be so relaxing? That is, tea is a popular drink native to Asian countries, with countless varieties, mostly drank for their aromatic and healthy properties.

Moreover, fresh leaves of Camellia sinesis or “tea plant” is used to make tea. And, did you know tea is actually the second most consumed drink in the world? Likewise, tea has been drank since ancient ages.

Nevertheless, the fact that you are here proves that you love tea. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to have an infinite source of tea that you can drink anytime to relax yourself? Good news for you, as we will be creating the Tea element in Little Alchemy 2 today.

Well, how about I say today’s article might just be your cup of tea? Hope my pun at least made you smile. And, getting back to the topic, the only key ingredient we will need to focus on obtaining, is the Leaf element.

Walkthrough for Tea in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Plant

Further, leaves are one of the most important parts of plants, as they specialize for photosynthesis. Hence, it’s obvious we will require the Plant element to create Leaf. Also, we do require some hefty combinations to acquire Plant.

However, worry not, as the below steps will easily help you obtain the Plant element:

Woo! The toughest part of obtaining Leaf is over.

Step 2: Create Leaf

Therefore, all we need to do is blow some air towards the Flower element. And, we can do so by creating the Wind element using Pressure. Finally, combine Flower with Wind to create the Leaf element.

To clarify, you can obtain the Leaf element as shown below:

So, are you ready to make tea anytime you want, and relax yourself with it?

Step 3: Create Tea

Nonetheless, we are at the final step of achieving our goal. And, all we need to do is throw some leaves into the water. That is, combine Water with the Leaf element to create the Tea element.

In short, the below step will help you obtain the Tea element:

  • Leaf + Water = Tea

With this, you now have an infinite supply of tea leaves and tea.

Alternative Ways to Obtain Tea

Whereas, wouldn’t it be more amazing if you were able to create different types of teas as you desire? Therefore, we will now use different elements to obtain the Tea element. And, make sure to let out your creativity and imagination to do so.

Moreover, you can obtain the Tea element as follows alternatively:

  • Leaf + Heat = Tea
  • Human + Leaf = Tea

Well, how about we use Tea to acquire even more elements?

Elements You Can Obtain Using Tea

Above all, whenever players obtain a new element in Little Alchemy 2, they can use it to obtain even more elements. Similarly, we can use Tea to obtain different beverages such as Soda or Iced Tea. So, are you prepared to fill your fridge with different drinks?

To sum up, the below list shows all the elements you can obtain using the Tea element:

Congrats! With this, we have wrapped everything related to the Tea element. But, there is still a lot out there for you to explore in Little Alchemy 2.


So, how about you keep going and explore more of Little Alchemy 2’s world? Who knows, you might discover something no one else knew about. Well, that would certainly be a lot of fun, and we would be proud to see you do that.

Talking about which, feel free to try out any combination you want. Whereas, we will always have your back in case you need help reaching your destination.