How to Make Explosion in Little Alchemy 2

Doesn’t the word “explosion” itself sound scary?

In other words, an explosion can be defined as a sudden burst releasing a vigorous amount of energy outwards. While many explosions for specific purposes are supervised, others may be accidental.

Nevertheless, Little Alchemy 2 also features the Explosion element. And, this element exactly replicates the real-life explosions. Also, we can use it to obtain many other elements related to it.

Likewise, our topic for today includes obtaining the Explosion element as well as all the other elements we can obtain using it. Further, to amplify our fun, we will also look at the alternative ways to obtain Explosion.

But before we dive deeper, we will first need to get our safety gears as safety is the first priority. So, are you ready for some explosions?

Above all, we always view the key ingredients of an element before creating it. However, Explosion is a very basic element that we can obtain in just a few steps. Hence, we won’t be looking at its key components.

So without further ado, let’s get right onto it!

Simply Create Explosion

Before exploding things, we first need to know what we use to make it happen. For example, any substance or device that we use to produce a sudden blast is known as an explosive. And, the mechanism behind the explosives can differ respectively to their type.

Nevertheless, let’s not get too deep into science as it could start getting confusing. In short, explosives contain black powder or gunpowder, a mixture of saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal.

The mixture is then ignited by flame or heat which causes it to suddenly fire up and create a rapid release of energy. As a result, an explosion takes place.

In the same way, Little Alchemy 2 requires the Gunpowder element in order to create Explosion. And, you can easily do so by following the below steps:

  • Air + Earth = Dust
  • Dust + Fire = Gunpowder
  • Gunpowder + Fire = Explosion

Fun fact: Gunpowders have been used for many purposes throughout history. As consensus goes, they originated in China and were used only for fireworks and signals. But, it didn’t take much longer before they were used in bombs for military purposes.

Alternative Ways To Create Explosion

As you know by now, Little Alchemy 2 doesn’t feature only a single way to do things. Instead, the game allows players to use their creativity to find new ways to obtain the same thing.

In the same vein, there are many alternative ways to create the Explosion element. For instance, you can use Electricity or Lightning instead of Fire to create Explosion as shown below:

  • Gunpowder + Electricity = Explosion
  • Gunpowder + Lightning = Explosion

Nonetheless, there’s no rule that says you can only use Gunpowder to make Explosion. Instead, you can get creative and use the Petroleum element as follows:

  • Petroleum + Explosion = Explosion
  • Petroleum + Fire = Explosion
  • Petroleum + Heat = Explosion
  • Petroleum + Lava = Explosion
  • Petroleum + Pressure = Explosion
  • Petroleum + Volcano = Explosion

Lastly, volcanic eruptions are also a kind of explosion. And, you can use the Pressure element to erupt the Volcano element to obtain Explosion as the below step suggests:

  • Pressure + Volcano = Explosion

Wooh! Hasn’t this been a total bang? Subsequently, it’s time we move on to something new. Little Alchemy 2 allows players to keep on exploring its world and discover new elements.

Similarly, now that you have the Explosion element, you can use it to obtain new elements using new combinations. And now, that’s what we will be heading onto!

Elements You Can Create Using Explosion

Little Alchemy 2 is a boundless game that opens new doors whenever a player opens up a new one. Moreover, the player can keep on looking forward to new adventures and journeys. That is to say, players can head on a never-ending journey.

Just like how you obtained the Explosion element using the fundamental elements, you can again use Explosion to obtain newer elements.

Certainly, as we talked about before, gunpowder was first used for fireworks.

Consequently, you can use Explosion to create Fireworks. And, just imagine how pretty fireworks are! Moreover, you can expect to obtain similar elements.

To clarify, the following list shows all the elements you can create using Explosion:

  • Explosion + Atmosphere = Fireworks
  • Explosion + Big = Atomic Bomb
  • Explosion + Energy = Atomic Bomb
  • Explosion + Explosion = Atomic Bomb
  • Explosion + Fruit = Juice
  • Explosion + Galaxy = Supernova
  • Explosion + Glasses = Safety Glasses
  • Explosion + Human = Corpse
  • Explosion + Machine = Combustion Engine
  • Explosion + Metal = Grenade
  • Explosion + Ocean = Tsunami
  • Explosion + Petroleum = Explosion
  • Explosion + Sea = Tsunami
  • Explosion + Sky = Fireworks
  • Explosion + Space = Supernova
  • Explosion + Star = Supernova
  • Explosion + Steam Engine = Combustion Engine
  • Explosion + Steel = Grenade
  • Explosion + Sun = Supernova
  • Explosion + Vegetable = Juice
  • Explosion + Warrior = Grenade

Caution as the above list contains dangerous elements such as Atomic Bomb and Grenade. Further, these elements are beneficial if used for useful purposes such as clearing up mines to make paths.

However, they can prove risky if used carelessly. Therefore, always be careful whenever explosives come into play, alright?

After that, you can look forward to a more amazing journey. You can use them to create even newer elements and keep your journey fresh.


Nevertheless, this is where we part ways as our job to guide you ends here. But, there’s still so much out there for you to explore in the world provided to you by Little Alchemy 2. As mentioned before, you can use the new elements to obtain newer elements.

Perhaps that’s where we could cross paths again. Because the game might be simple but it can prove difficult without proper guidelines. During this, we will be there to help you navigate your path to your destination.

To sum up, Little Alchemy 2 is an enormous sea with secrets that lie deep. And, it is your job to explore all of it using your adventure and alchemy skills to the fullest. Meanwhile, we will always have your back.

So, keep on exploring as we have got your back. See ya!