How to Make Meteoroid in Little Alchemy 2

If you are searching for a proper guide to obtaining the Meteoroid element in Little Alchemy 2, you are at the right place. Likewise, whenever we plan to obtain an element in-game, we tend to keep things as simple as possible.

As a result, you can have the best experience while achieving your goal. Similarly, getting into our topic for today, meteoroids are chunks of rock or other solid substances that orbit the sun. In fact, they are spread all over the Solar System.

Hence, obtaining the Meteoroid element is going to be a piece of cake. Whereas, we will use Sun and Stone as the key ingredients to simply acquire Meteoroid. But, worry not, as we will include different ways to obtain it too.

So before we dive into the process, how about you take a look at the below list? Perhaps it could prove helpful during your journey. And now, we will travel space to find the perfect meteoroid to bring home.

Walkthrough for Meteoroid in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Sun

As we mentioned before, meteoroids orbit the sun just like planets do. Therefore, the first key ingredient required to obtain Meteoroid is the Sun element. Nonetheless, it’s really simple to obtain Sun starting from the basic elements.

Moreover, the below steps will help you obtain the Sun element:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Fire = Sun

Now, let’s create some lumps of rocks that revolve around the Sun.

Step 2: Create Stone

That is, we will be creating the Stone element next, as meteoroids are made of rocks. Also, obtaining Stone is really simple, but it remains as one of the most important elements in the game.

Hence, you can obtain the Stone element as follows:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone

Finally, we can obtain ourselves a meteoroid using these key ingredients.

Step 3: Create Meteoroid

How has your space travel been so far? I surely am having a lot of fun with you, adventuring in search of Meteoroid. And finally, all we need to do to obtain Meteoroid is combine Stone with Sun.

To clarify, follow the below step to obtain the Meteoroid element:

  • Sun + Stone = Meteoroid

Give yourself a huge pat! You certainly are a son of a gun.

Alternative Ways to Obtain Meteoroid

Nevertheless, now that you have learned to create Meteoroid, how about you also take a look at the alternative ways to obtain it? Above all, Little Alchemy 2 is all about exploring as many ways as possible to do the same task.

To sum up, the below list shows all the alternative ways to obtain the Meteoroid element:

  • Solar System + Boulder = Meteoroid
  • Sun + Boulder = Meteoroid
  • Solar System + Rock = Meteoroid
  • Sun + Rock = Meteoroid
  • Rock + Space = Meteoroid
  • Space + Boulder = Meteoroid
  • Sun + Boulder = Meteoroid
  • Stone + Space = Meteoroid
  • Solar System + Stone = Meteoroid

Lastly, we can now use Meteoroid to obtain even more elements.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Meteoroid

Most importantly, whenever we obtain a new element in Little Alchemy 2, we can use it to obtain even more elements. In the same way, it’s time we use Meteoroid to explore more of Little Alchemy 2’s world.

Consequently, you can obtain the following elements using the Meteoroid element:

  • Meteoroid + Air = Meteor
  • Meteoroid + Atmosphere = Meteor
  • Meteoroid + Day = Meteor
  • Meteoroid + Night = Meteor
  • Meteoroid + Sky = Meteor

Congrats! You have proven your alchemy skills. So, how about you keep exploring?


The world of Little Alchemy 2 is full of countless secrets. And perhaps, you could use your alchemy skills to discover them. Who knows, you might discover something no one knows about. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Meanwhile, if you want to try diving into a whole different world of Little Alchemy 2, you can unlock different content packs. Moreover, the ‘Myth and Monsters’ content pack features hundreds of elements from myths and legends, such as Good and Evil.

Also, we are always here just in case you need help navigating the path to your destination. So, feel free to rely on us anytime, as the game might be simple, but it can prove difficult without proper guidelines.