How to Make Night in Little Alchemy 2 (Step-by-Step Guide)

Nighttime allows us to view the stars and the planets and gives us a clear picture of what space looks like. It also is a time for sleep and recovery, as this is a time where our bodies heal faster, our metabolism increases, keep stress levels low, keep our heart healthy, But I am talking too much of sleep as I lack it.

This article is actually for the Night element, and how we can unlock it in Little Alchemy 2!

Unlocking Night in Little Alchemy 2 is actually very easy. So easy that you only need a total of 10 steps and combinations for you to create Night. But first, we must identify what would be the easiest and fastest combination. Don’t worry, I got you! The best combination is by combining Sky and Moon

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Here’s an easy step-by-step guide on how we can unlock Night, with Sky and Moon, check what other elements we can combine to create Night, as well as other elements that we can combine with Night to discover. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create Sky

There is no definite description of how beautiful our sky is. It can be so many things for us: It can be bright blue to cheer up our moods, it can be cloudy to keep us at a comfortable temperature, it can be rainy to feed our flora, it can snow for us to cuddle more, and it holds our stars at night to keep us from staring at it more, The sky is truly amazing.

Here’s how you can create Sky in Little Alchemy 2 by using base elements:

  1. Combine Earth (base element) + Earth to create Land
  2. Combine Land + Earth to create Continent
  3. Combine Continent + Continent to create Planet
  4. Combine Planet and + Air (base element) to create Atmosphere
  5. Combine Atmosphere + Water (base element) to create Cloud
  6. Combine Cloud + Air to finally create Sky

Here are other ways you can create a sky (if you have the available elements).

A great way to enjoy Sky is by also combining other elements with it. Here are a few items you can unlock when combining with Sky

  • Sky and Alien = UFO
  • Sky and Animal = Bird
  • Sky and Arctic = Aurora
  • Sky and Continent = Horizon
  • Sky and Dinosaur = Pterodactyl
  • Sky and Explosion = Fireworks
  • Sky and Fish = Flying Fish
  • Sky and Glass = Telescope
  • Sky and Horse = Pegasus
  • Sky and Lizard = Dragon
  • Sky and Mouse = Bat
  • Sky and Space = Star
  • Sky and Twilight = Darkness
  • Sky and Umbrella = Parachute

Step 2: Create Moon

It is such a calming feeling at night to gaze upon the moon and the stars, and imagine space and all other planets around our solar system.

We may look at the beauty of the moon, but more importantly, we should appreciate the benefits of having it near our planet. The moon helps regulate our waves, it provides light in the darkness, it allows different seasons to happen, and it controls the hours in our day. 

Here’s a quick and easy way to create Moon in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Combine Earth (base element) + Fire (base element) to create Lava
  • Combine Lava + Air (base element) to create Stone
  • Combine Stone + Planet (unlocked in creating Sky) to finally create Moon

If you have other elements unlocked, you may create Moon in other ways such as

  • Cheese and Night
  • Cheese and Sky
  • Earth and Night
  • Night and Planet
  • Night and Stone
  • Planet and Sky
  • Sky and Stone
  • Sky and Time

You can also combine Moon with other elements to unlock other cool stuff. Here are all of the items you can acquire with Moon:

  • Moon and Animal = Wolf
  • Moon and Bird = Owl
  • Moon and Butterfly = Moth
  • Moon and Car = Moon Rover
  • Moon and Deity** = Chang’e** (Chinese goddess of the moon)
  • Moon and Electric Car = Moon Rover
  • Moon and Elixir of Life** = Chang’e**
  • Moon and Glass = Telescope
  • Moon and Human = Astronaut
  • Moon and Ocean = Tide
  • Moon and Sea = Tide
  • Moon and Star = Space
  • Moon and Sun = Eclipse and Sky
  • Moon and Time = Night

**Exclusive element from the Myths and Monsters content pack

Other Night Combinations

While Sky and Moon may be the easiest way to unlock night, you may acquire Night in other combinations such as:

  • Day and Time
  • Moon and Time
  • Time and Twilight

If Day is not available, you may create it with these easy steps through basic elements:

  • Combine Earth (base element) and Earth to create Land
  • Combine Land and Land to create Continent
  • Combine Continent and Continent to create Planet
  • Combine Planet and Fire (base element) will create Sun
  • Combine Sun and Sky (steps on item number 1), will create you Day

If Twilight is not yet unlocked, you may create it by simply combining Day and Night!

So, you might need some further exploring for this one. But no worries! You will unlock 100 elements in no time as there is a built-in hint feature in your encyclopedia that will guide you on what items would unlock for certain combinations.

You may also combine Night with other elements to unlock more unique items. Here’s a small list of interesting items that will result in combining Night:

  • Night and Animal = Cat
  • Night and Bird = Owl 
  • Night and Castle = Ghost
  • Night and Demon** = Mara**(a dark spirit that takes a form of a beautiful woman and visits men in their dreams, torturing them with desire)
  • Night and Grass = Carbon Dioxide
  • Night and Pumpkin = Jack-o-lantern
  • Night and Solar System = Space

**Exclusive element from the Myths and Monsters content pack

We hope that you learned something today and unlocking Night, hopefully, will help you in your progress in the game. Also, feel free to check out our website for other easy step-by-step guides to unlock those complex, and hard-to-find elements.

Or yet just hang around the website and check other useful tips that you might find interesting. Happy exploring! Cheers!