How to Make Plow in Little Alchemy 2

As we know, technology is one of the fastest developing fields. And, it took many ages for the technology to be what it is today. For instance, farmers use tractors to loosen or turn the soil before sowing seeds.

However, traditionally, farmers used a plow or plough to do so by using oxen or horses to pull it. Further, the body of a plow is made out of wood or steel with a blade at the lower end. Hence, it makes it easier to loosen the soil.

Nevertheless, the main reason behind plowing the field is to turn the soil. That is, when the soil is turned, it allows the soil underneath to come outside. As a result, fresh nutrients are brought to the surface as well as we can bury crops.

Certainly, almost all crops used by humans come from farming. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to give some contribution to society? Moreover, we can do so by obtaining the Plow element in Little Alchemy 2.

Whereas, the Plow element is one of the most fundamental yet easiest elements to obtain. And, it also allows players to obtain Farmer. And as we know, farmers are one of the most important people who harvest crops and transport them to the entire world.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the procedure, shall we?

Walkthrough for Plow in Little Alchemy 2

Simply Create Plow

As we talked about before, plows are used traditionally with the help of oxen or horses. Therefore, the science behind plows isn’t difficult as all we need to do is turn the soil using a rigid material.

Likewise, we will obtain the Stone element first which will allow us to create Metal. Afterward, we can simply combine Metal with Earth to acquire the Plow element. Sound easy, right?

To clarify, you can obtain the Plow element as shown below:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Fire = Metal
  • Metal + Earth = Plow

Congrats! You can now get to some farming and have an infinite supply of food.

Alternative Ways To Obtain Plow

Nevertheless, if you are someone who loves challenges as well as didn’t get satisfied by the above method, we have got you covered. In fact, we have plenty of different methods to obtain the Plow element.

Firstly, you can also combine the Field element with Metal to obtain Plow as follows:

  • Metal + Field = Plow

On the other hand, the below steps will help you acquire Plow using the Steel element instead of Metal:

  • Steel + Earth = Plow
  • Steel + Field = Plow

Similarly, you can use the Wood element to obtain Plow as shown below:

  • Wood + Earth = Plow
  • Wood + Field = Plow

Finally, the toughest way to obtain the Plow element is to combine Field with Tool as follows:

  • Tool + Field = Plow

Wooh! You do have some great alchemy skills, don’t you? Well, time to move onto something more interesting.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Plow

That is, whenever you obtain a new element in Little Alchemy 2, you can look forward to obtaining even more elements using it. Consequently, the Plow element allows you to obtain fewer but more important elements.

To sum up, the following list shows all the elements you can obtain using the Plow element:

  • Plow + Earth = Field
  • Plow + Human = Farmer
  • Plow + Land = Field
  • Plow + Soil = Field

Congrats! You have used the Plow element in every way possible. But, your journey hasn’t ended yet.


Instead, Little Alchemy 2 is a boundless game where you can always find something new to do. In the same way, you can use these new elements to obtain more elements. And, the game won’t hesitate to surprise you with new secrets.

Meanwhile, you can also try unlocking different content packs that give players access to elements that are unavailable otherwise. For starters, you can take a look at our guides on Deity, Evil, or Immortality.

Lastly, we will always be here at your service. So, feel free to try new combinations and keep exploring. So in case you get lost, you can rely on us!