How to Make Turtle in Little Alchemy 2

Certainly, turtles are one of the most interesting reptiles. Above all, many turtles are known to live for over 400 years, and they have the ability to survive in harsh conditions without food or water for long periods.

Likewise, turtles have a protective shell around their body, and they can change their body temperature according to the environment. So, wouldn’t it be amazing to have an animal like this as your pet?

In fact, even your offsprings can pet them their entire lives. Hence, today, we will be obtaining the Turtle element in Little Alchemy 2. And, the overall process is really simple as we will use Sand and Egg as the key ingredients.

Also, make sure to relax while we obtain Turtle, as turtles are very calm animals who love peace. Therefore, let’s share this peace, and live as long as we can. And now, we will be getting right into the process.

Walkthrough for Turtle in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Sand

Most importantly, turtles are animals that are very familiar with water. While they don’t have gills or lay eggs underwater, they still live in or around water. Hence, beaches are the perfect place for turtles to hatch and grow.

Consequently, we will need the Sand element, which can be obtained as shown below:

Now, let’s hatch some eggs, and give birth to these cute little turtles, shall we?

Step 2: Create Egg

Moreover, there are many ways to obtain the Egg element in Little Alchemy 2. However, the easiest method is to create Phoenix by combining Life with Fire. Afterward, we just need to double up the Phoenix element to acquire Egg.

Further, the below steps will help you obtain the Egg element:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life
  • Life + Fire = Phoenix
  • Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg

Woo! Look how fast we are at the final stage of achieving our goal.

Step 3: Create Turtle

That is, all we need to do to obtain the Turtle element is combine Sand with Egg. So, are you ready to pet a turtle that will live far more than you will? And, the good thing is, the turtle can also see your children grow.

Then, follow the below step to obtain the Turtle element:

  • Egg + Sand = Turtle

Congrats! You now have one of the most interesting reptiles as your pet.

Alternative Ways to Obtain Turtle

Nonetheless, due to the amazing characteristics of turtles, they also appear in many myths and legends. And now, we can use the Turtle element to obtain elements related to those myths and legends as well. But, how about we obtain more Turtle elements first?

In short, the following list shows the alternative ways to obtain the Turtle element:

  • Beach + Egg = Turtle
  • Animal + Beach = Turtle

Finally, we can use the Turtle element to obtain even more fascinating elements.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Turtle

As we talked about before, turtles are pretty common in myths and legends. And with the help of the Turtle element, we can easily obtain those elements. For instance, you can expect to acquire elements such as World Turtle, Ninja Turtle, etc.

Further, you can obtain the following elements using the Turtle element:

  • Turtle + Deity = World Turtle
  • Turtle + Demon = Kappa
  • Turtle + Double Rainbow = Chameleon
  • Turtle + Giant = World Turtle
  • Turtle + Katana = Ninja Turtle
  • Turtle + Ninja = Ninja Turtle
  • Turtle + Rainbow = Chameleon
  • Turtle + Shuriken = Ninja Turtle
  • Turtle + Turtle = Egg

Give yourself a huge pat! In this way, we have wrapped up all the things related to the Turtle element.


However, there are countless more things to be uncovered in the world of Little Alchemy 2. And as long as you keep going, you will always find something new to explore. So, how about you use the above new elements to obtain even more elements.

Whereas, we will always be cheering for your success. Hence, feel free to rely on us anytime you need help navigating the path to your destination. And who knows, you might end up discovering everything Little Alchemy 2 has to offer.