How to Make Ninja in Little Alchemy 2

Certainly, we all have had a time in our lives when we were obsessed with ninjas. Moreover, ninjas were special agents who had a huge set of skills that would help them accomplish their missions.

Further, ninjas were trained using ninjutsu, a style of discipline that would help them excel in strategizing warfare. And as we have seen in cartoons and movies, ninjas are super cool people who can hide underwater or walk over roofs without making a single noise.

Similarly today, our topic revolves around obtaining the Ninja element in Little Alchemy 2. And, Ninja is one of the rare elements that can be obtained using only a single method. That is, we will be using Human and Shuriken as the key ingredients.

However, ninjas are known to use unique kinds of weapons such as katanas, shurikens, kusarigamas, etc. Hence, you can also expect to obtain some of these ninja weapons using the Ninja element.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, are you ready to disciple yourself and walk on the path of a shinobi? If you are, let’s get right into the process of creating the Ninja element without any further ado!

Walkthrough for Ninja in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Human

Firstly, whenever we need to obtain any profession element, Little Alchemy 2 requires the Human element. And, the obvious reason behind it is humans are the only beings who have professions.

Hence, follow the below steps to obtain the Human element:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life
  • Earth + Water = Mud
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Mud = Clay
  • Clay + Life = Human

Likewise, the way to define a person’s profession is by seeing what the person deals with everyday. Since we are obtaining ninjas who deal with weapons and war strategies everyday, the Shuriken element will help us obtain Ninja.

Step 2: Create Shuriken

With that in mind, shurikens cab be simply defines as concealed weapons used as a hidden dagger to distract or misdirect. Although they can be found in different shapes, one of the most popular shapes is star. Hence, we require the Star element to create Shuriken.

In short, you can obtain the Shuriken element as follows:

  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Planet = Solar System
  • Planet + Fire = Sun
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud
  • Cloud + Air = Sky
  • Sky + Solar System = Space
  • Space + Sun = Star
  • Stone + Fire = Metal
  • Metal + Star = Shuriken

Well, all the difficult part of this guide is over. And going through all these difficulties, you are now ready to become a ninja.

Step 3: Create Ninja

That is, both the key ingredients of Ninja are ready and set to go. So, our last step includes combining Human with Shuriken. As a result, we will obtain the Ninja element with a caption saying “A practitioner of ninjistics.”

Similarly, the below step will help you obtain the Ninja element:

  • Human + Shuriken = Ninja

Give yourself a huge pat! You have successfully obtained of the most exciting elements in Little Alchemy 2. And now, we can use it to obtain even more elements.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Ninja

Above all, Little Alchemy 2 is a game where players can always look forward to more adventures. In the same way, the Ninja element allows us to obtain some pretty amusing elements.

To clarify, you can obtain the following elements using the Ninja element:

  • Ninja + Blade = Katana + Shuriken
  • Ninja + Sword = Katana
  • Ninja + Turtle = Ninja Turtle

With this, our journey regarding the Ninja element is over. But if you are interested, you can keep ongoing as long as you want.


Meanwhile, you won’t even have to worry if your journey might end soon. Because Little Alchemy 2 is a never-ending game with countless possibilities. For starters, you can use the above elements to obtain even more elements.

Whereas, who knows you might uncover secrets nobody knows. Also, if you want to make things even more interesting, how about you try unlocking some content packs?

You can take a look at our guides on Deity or Good to get started with the ‘Myths and Monsters’ content pack. In addition, we will be right here cheering for you as well as hold your back just in case you need any help!