The Best 4K HDMI Splitter for Gaming to Play Without Lag

If you want to be able to split your screen then you’re going to need an HDMI splitter. It allows for a more immersive gaming experience or takes multiplayer gaming to a new level.

To do it you’re going to need the best 4K HDMI splitter for gaming.

What makes the best 4K HDMI splitter for gaming? Well, many factors come into play. Firstly you need to know if you simply want to mirror your screen or extend it.

After that, you need to consider cord length, resolution, compatibility, number of outputs, and refresh rate.

We’ve spent countless hours searching for the best HDMI splitter so you don’t have to.

In our search, we found four splitters that we loved. We’ve reviewed each of them while also writing a buying guide to give you all the info you need. Read on to find your perfect splitter!

Our Pick

HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter Techole

Techole Store 4K HDMI Splitter

It gives you a high bandwidth of 10.2Gbps for data transmission and you’ll have no lag or loss of quality.

If you wanted a simple but brilliant HDMI switcher then we thought this was the best out there. It’s a plug-in and play device that is extremely easy to use. It doesn’t need any external power and you simply need to connect it to your devices.

Perhaps the greatest feature of this model is that it’s bi-directional. You’ll be able to connect two devices to one screen or one device to two screens. All of this comes in a solid aluminum box that has immense durability.

The transmission on this splitter is also very impressive. It’s important to note, however, that the HDMI cable isn’t included.

It supports high resolution and will be compatible with almost all devices that have a standard HDMI interface. That transmission includes 4K along with the highest quality audio. It may only be small but it’s a splitter that is able to pack a punch.

What we like:

The first thing you’ll notice with this splitter is just how easy it is to use. You’ll be able to have your perfect set-up in no time at all. It has a little button on the top that allows you to quickly switch between sources and an LED light will let you know which one is selected.

Build quality is excellent here and you feel as though it’s going to last for many years. That’s despite it coming in quite a compact box that is quite discreet.

The quality of the video and audio is fantastic and there won’t be a drop-off.

Perhaps the best aspect of this splitter is the price. It’s great value for money and will serve you very well in having the gaming experience that you’re looking for.

You’ll have no issues with it and the instruction manual gives you all the info you need.

What we don’t:

If there was one issue with this splitter is would be that the HDMI ports are a little too close together.

It’s not an issue for the vast majority of connectors but if you had one that had a slightly larger head, then you may find it difficult to plug in.

How we chose the best 4K HDMI splitter

The first aspect we looked at was simply how well the device was able to split the HDMI signal. We knew that it needed to do so without any drop in quality or with any lag.

All four splitters that we have reviewed here easily passed that test.

After knowing that it had the correct resolution support and transmission rates, we moved on to other factors. This included the number of outputs it had, cable length required, size, durability and overall build quality.

Finally, we looked at what else it could do. Could it also work as a switch? Would it mirror the screen or could it extend it?

What else could it do? These were the types of questions we were asking when determining the best 4K HDMI splitter for gaming.

4K HDMI Splitter for Gaming (best alternatives)

ZettaGuard Universal Docking Station

ZettaGuard USB 3.0 and USB-C Universal Docking Station

This is a hub that acts as the perfect go-between your computer and anything else that you want to connect to it. It will be able to do all that by supporting 4K video at 60Hz and also providing rapid transmission rates.

Well the first splitter we looked at was simple and compact; this one couldn’t be any different. It has an immense amount of usability. Not only does it have HDMI ports but also several USB ports, audio in/out and microphone port.

It means that you can use this for a lot more than just splitting HDMI but it also does that brilliantly. It allows you to have multiple display set-ups including having your screen mirrored or extended. You could even have a different image on your laptop and two separate screens.

While it is quite a bulky model, it looks great so you can happily display it along with the rest of your setup.

Importantly, the build quality is also high. Some may see it as a significant investment but if it’s perfect for your needs, it’s well worth the money.

What we like:

What’s hugely impressive about this device is the power. It will be able to handle multiple devices with ease and give you an exceptional central hub to run them through. As a splitter, it’s going to work effortlessly with great results.

A lot of splitters are quite ugly and people will try and hid them the best they can. This is a splitter that you can proudly display with a sleek design. While it’s bigger than most splitters, it’s still fairly compact so you’ll easily find room for it.

Despite the vast number of connections it features, setting everything up is still going to be fairly simple. It comes with a CD for all your drivers but if they are out of date, they can easily be found on the website.

You’ll soon have everything plugged in with a great new set-up.

What we don’t:

The only negative to note here is the price. If all you’re looking for is a simple splitter then this is probably not going to be worth it.

This docking station, however, could be just what you need to connect all of your devices to make your life a lot easier.

OREI 4K HDMI Splitter

4K HDMI Splitter by OREI

It supports resolution up to 4K while supporting all of the highest quality audio options. All of this is contained in a heavy-duty metal box that will keep all of the internal components cool while also keeping them cool due to its heat dissipation.

This is an awesome splitter that is able to split your signal into four different outputs. That’s perfect for any who wants to mirror their image to more than the usual two screens. It will be able to transmit that video and audio without any drop in quality.

If you didn’t have any need for the four outputs then there is also a two output version which is over half the price. It works perfectly and there are LED lights on the front to let you know which outputs are in use and also a USB slot for any updates.

All of this is backed by a 12-month warranty should anything go wrong with the splitter. This should give you plenty of confidence in their overall build quality.

Added to that, they also have full customer support that will give you all the answers you need.

What we like:

Whether you are getting the 2 out or 4 out splitter, both of them are highly compact and can be easily hidden away. This is ideal for those who like to have a clean set-up.

Despite that smaller size, it will still be able to cope with a high level of power.

As soon as you get it in your hand, you’ll feel the quality throughout the splitter. The solid metal case is excellent and you can sense it was built to last.

It also comes at a good price which reasonably compares to other models that may not even be able to accept 4K.

This splitter can also work well with up to 50ft of cable with no noticeable drop off in quality. It allows for longer setups and having screens in different rooms, all showing the same image. It has brilliant quality and it’s another great option.

What we don’t:

There are very few downsides to this splitter as it works pretty perfectly. Some users have commentated that the lights on the front are a little bright.

I think this would only ever really bother you if you were trying to sleep.

StarTech USB 3.0 to Dual HDMI Adapter

StarTech USB 3 to Dual HDMI Adapter

It’s the ability to extend which really makes this stand out from the crowd.

Apart from the ZettaGuard model that we looked at, the other two splitters we looked at were simply capable of mirroring the signal on two or more screens. If you want to be able to extend a display then you’ll have to pay a little extra.

That’s what we have here with this brilliant device from StarTech. The USB to 4K adapter will let you either mirror or extend your displays for whatever set up you want. It’s ideal for laptop gaming as can have instant access to all the information you need.

The splitter can support resolutions of 4K at up to 30Hz. That gives you brilliant quality that comes through the 3.0 USB connection. No external power is needed and that helps to make the splitter exceptionally easy to use for anyone.

Versatility is very high in this splitter and you can have a range of different setups. It is only compatible with windows, which is important to note. If you wanted to split the screens from your computer then this would be a great idea.

What we like:

The set-up with this splitter is very simple. All you need to do is download the current drivers, run the driver installer and then reboot your machine. Once you do, you can simply plug in your device and get started.

It works perfectly and there’s nothing to complain about. It’s a very useful gadget that you may find perfect for many other uses rather aside from gaming. It’s great for work or even being able to watch multiple sports at the same time.

It’s a feature that not many splitters have and this can do it simply and perfectly. It’s perfect for anyone who is looking to extend rather than just mirror.

What we don’t:

While we liked this splitter due to its ability to extend, it will start to show some lag with the most graphically intense of games.

If you need the highest video card capability then it maybe better to look at one of the other three options. 

Why you should get a 4K HDMI splitter for gaming

There are many reasons why you may want to split your HDMI signal for gaming. It allows you to have a much wider view and process information much more quickly.

It is also excellent for multiplayer when you want to have separate screens.

Having a 4K splitter allows you to have that signal with the highest possible resolution and transmission speeds. These devices are able to deliver that picture and audio quality to give you the best possible gaming experience.

The devices that we’ve looked at here also have the highest levels of build quality. They are built to last and will be last for several years. They are also simple to use and you’ll be able to get started in no time at all.

The good:

  • Immersive gaming
  • Versatile set-up
  • High-quality transmission
  • Exceptional build quality

The bad:

  • Extra cost

Key features of a 4K HDMI splitter for gaming

Mirror or Extend

One of the first things you need to consider is whether you want your screen to be mirrored or split.

Mirroring is where the same image is going to be displayed on multiple screens. This can be useful for the likes of multiplayer games or even having screens in separate rooms.

The other option is to have an extended screen. This allows you to display different images on each screen to allow for a quick scan of information.

This can give you a little more functionality but these devices are also going to be a little more expensive.

Cord length

As with most types of cables, the signal that you send down it will degrade increasingly the greater the distance you have. Due to that, it’s always the best idea to have the cables as short as possible but this isn’t always feasible.

If you’re planning on hooking up your gaming device to a screen in another room, you need to know how far away that is. It’s generally accepted that around 50ft is the limit of what an HDMI signal can reach before the quality noticeably drops.

Due to this, you should try and keep the cables as short as you can. If you do have to carry the signal over long distances then it’s important to get an HMDI splitter and HDMI cables are the highest quality to try and avoid degradation.


At the moment, 4K is the highest resolution that you can get on commercial devices and there are many consoles, games and players, etc. which support this. If you want to get a splitter then it simply makes sense to get one that is able to support 4K.

If you don’t get a 4K splitter then the best you can hope for is 1080p resolution. It’s also important that your splitter can support HDMI 2.0 as HDMI 1.4 is unable to support 4K.

If your splitter doesn’t come with cables, then you also need to check that those cables support 2.0 otherwise you won’t get the resolution you want.

Refresh rate

We measure the refresh rate of a splitter in hertz (Hz) and this determines how fast the display can refresh in a second.

The quicker it’s able to refresh, the smoother the image is going to be on your screen.

The standard refresh rate is 30Hz which is good for almost all applications.

If you want the ultimate in smoothness for the most powerful gaming machines then you can look for a 60Hz rate which will give you the best images.

Number of outputs

You need to know the number of outputs that you want. The vast majority of people will just want the two and this makes up most of the splitters on the market.

They usually have one input port and output port but as we’ve seen here, you can have splitters with more functionality than that.

If you’re unsure on how many outputs you want then it’s usually a good idea to opt for more than less.

They will generally cost a little more but then you’ll always have the option to upgrade. If you know you’ll never need more than two, then save your money.

Switching ability

It’s vital to note that a splitter and switcher are two distinctly separate things. The confusion comes as you can get two devices from a company that looks exactly the same but one is a splitter and the other is a switcher

To add to the confusion, there are devices out there that can do both.

Whereas a splitter takes one signal and sends it to numerous sources, a switcher does the exact opposite. It will take inputs from a wide range of sources and sends them to the one display.

Splitters are great if you have multiple game consoles, a sound system and an HDMI TV stick, for example. Instead of constantly plugging and unplugging them, a switcher allows you to simply switch between inputs so your screen can play whichever one you want.

A device that can do both such as the Techole Store 4K HDMI Splitter can be very useful with some set-ups, with others, it’s the best idea to have one dedicated splitter and one dedicated switcher.


Each splitter is going to have different power requirements. The most powerful models will need an external power cable. This is important to note as many people can assume they don’t.

If the splitter you’re looking at does then check you have enough power outlets for it along with the rest of your devices.

Other smaller splitters can get their power through the HDMI/USB cables and therefore no external power will be required. While this can make your set-up easier, these devices often aren’t able to offer quite the same level of functionality.


Considering the size is also a good thing to do. Are you planning on tucking your splitter away and out of sight or having it out on display?

Most of these are quite compact and can therefore be easily hidden. Others are a little bulkier to check that you have enough room for them.

If you are having it out on display then style may be more important to you. Some of these devices are plain and ugly black boxes whereas models such as the ZettaGuard Universal Docking Station are actually quite sleek and stylish.


A good warranty will always give you peace of mind that you’re getting a great product that is going to stand the test of time.

The 12-month warranty offered with the Orei 4K Splitter is a great example of a strong warranty that insures you against any defects.

It’s a warranty that you’re unlikely to ever need due to its durable construction but it’s nice to have just in case.


What is an HDMI splitter?

An HDMI splitter is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a device that can split the signal and distribute it.

For a splitter, you’ll initially have a host device such as a laptop or a games console from where you want the signal to be split. This signal will then go to the two monitors or screens to be shown separately.

The number of times that the signal will be split depends on the device. Most of them have two outputs but it can theoretically be as many as you want.

Due to the splitting of the signal, you need a splitter can cables that are able to do it with no noticeable difference in sound or video.

Can HDMI splitters extend a desktop?

A basic HDMI splitter will not be able to extend your displays. Instead, they will simply mirror the same image on two or more screens.

If you wanted to be able to extend then you’ll need to get a higher-level model and we’ve looked at two great options here. You have to pay more to extend so there’s no point having that feature if you don’t need it.

Do HDMI splitters really work?

There are a number of misconceptions about what a splitter is and what it’s used for. It’s also easy to get mixed up with a splitter and a switcher.

HDMI splitters definitely do work but you need to make sure you’re getting one that is suitable for your needs.

You have to know what you want your splitter to do. Many people buy them thinking they know what they needed, only to find that they actually needed something else.

A common mistake is people buying a basic splitter thinking that they can extend the screens. If that’s what you want, you’ll have to specifically search for those features.

Which HDMI Splitter is the best?

What is the best 4K HDMI Splitter? The Techole Store 4K HDMI Splitter was our top pick for a few crucial reasons.

It’s a highly affordable device that can easily split signals while being extremely easy to use. The quality is extremely high for the best video and audio without any lag.

It could be, however, that you’re looking for something else.

That’s why we found three other devices here that are all exceptional at splitting HDMI signal but are all very different. The best one for you may be one of the three others we mentioned instead.

Does the HDMI splitter reduce quality?

Do HDMI splitters add lag? Well, they can. There are two key aspects to that and they are the quality of the splitter and the length of the cable used.

If you have a good set up then you won’t notice any reduction in quality at all. You’ll get the same image as if your games consoles, for example, were plugged straight into a TV.

How long can an HDMI cable be before it loses quality?

We mentioned there that cable length will affect the quality. Technically, your signal loses quality gradually over any length of cable so you need to know at which point it starts to become noticeable.

For an HDMI cable, that is around the 50ft mark. If you have a set-up longer than 50ft, you run the risk of bad quality.

Do all HDMI splitters support 4k?

Not at all. Many of them will only support up to 1080p and below.
This can cause a significant drop in quality if you’re used to immense video quality.

All the splitters here are able to support 4K so you can’t go wrong here.

How do I choose an HDMI splitter?

You’ve probably clicked on this page as you want to solve a specific problem. If that problem is that you simply want to split your screen and nothing else then just look for a splitter that can do that.

It’s important to look at the details of the product so you’re not buying the wrong thing and use our buying guide to ensure it has the right resolution, refresh rate and any other additional features.

Are shorter HDMI cables better?

Simply put, yes they are. That being said, you’re not going to notice a difference between a high-quality 5ft HMDI cable and a high-quality 10ft cable.

You should only start worrying about the length of cables if you’re approaching 50ft of cable.

What is the difference between an HDMI splitter and an HDMI switch?

A splitter takes one input signal and sends it to a number of different screens, whereas a switch takes several input signals and sends them to one screen.


Hopefully, by now, you have a great idea of which 4K HDMI splitter is going to be the best option for you. We’ve looked at four different options here that are all brilliant in their own right but all of them have vast differences.

As a simple but highly effective splitter, we think the Techole Store 4K HDMI Splitter is the best option out there today, especially as it can be used as a switch. With similar qualities, the OREI 1:4 HDMI Splitter is also very good, especially if you were looking for four outputs. You can go wrong with either of these if you wanted to mirror your screen.

If you wanted to have a splitter that can do it all then the ZettaGuard Universal Docking Station would be fantastic. It’s a lot more than just a splitter that can work as a central hub for all of your devices. It has numerous USB ports which give it unbelievable functionality.

Looking to simply extend your screen? If so, the StarTech HDMI Adapter would be the best for you. It’s a smart little device that allows you to control your screens easily through your laptop or computer. It doesn’t quite have the power of others but may be most suited to you.

All four of these could be regarded as the best in one category or another. It’s important to know what you’re looking for so you can pick the one that’s right for you. If you have any doubts, then quickly have another read of the buying guide. All that’s left to do is pick your favorite and enjoy all the advantages that an HDMI splitter can offer.