How to Make Garden in Little Alchemy 2

As we can all agree, the world is nothing without plants. In fact, without them, our world would be dry without any color in it. And well, it’s all thanks to plants that we, living beings, can exist. Otherwise, who would produce the oxygen we need to survive?

Nevertheless, many people love plants and the effect they make on the environment. Hence, they plan outdoor spaces to display and enjoy plants by raising them there. Perhaps you too like gardening and seeing plants grow like your own kid.

In that case, you are at the right place, as we will be creating the Garden element in Little Alchemy 2. Further, if you had always wished to have your own garden, but never could, this article will make your day.

Meanwhile, we will use the Plant element as the key ingredient to obtain Garden. And worry not, the overall process is pretty simple. Just make sure to follow us step-by-step, alright?

Walkthrough for Garden in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Soil

Firstly, the Life element is a key ingredient when it comes to living beings. Above all, living beings can’t exist without life, whether they are animals or plants. Similarly, you might be pretty familiar with the fact the soil itself is the creation of birth.

Hence, we will first obtain the Soil element as shown below:

With a quality soil, growing plants will be a piece of cake.

Step 2: Create Plant

Most importantly, the quality of soil can hugely impact plants. And mostly, farmers prefer these kinds of soils for to harvest crops on. As a result, we get high quality vegetables and fruits for consumption. So, let’s create the Plant element next, shall we?

In short, you can obtain the Plant element as follows:

Finally, it’s time we get our hands on our final step to obtain Garden.

Step 3: Create Garden

That is, planned outdoor spaces usually around houses are called gardens. In the same way, we will require the House element to finally acquire the Garden element. Hence, the last process of obtaining Garden also includes creating House during the process.

To clarify, the below steps will help you obtain the Garden element:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Wall + Wall = House
  • House + Plant = Garden

Well, if you loved this one, what about we create even more gardens, and make this world a better place?

Alternative Ways to Obtain Garden

In fact, Little Alchemy 2 allows us to do so with style. And, we will be obtaining the Garden element using alternative ways using different elements. So, are you ready to let out your creativity?

To sum up, the below list shows the alternative ways to obtain the Garden element:

  • House + Flower = Garden
  • Flower + Container = Garden
  • Grass + Flower = Garden
  • Lawn + Flower = Garden
  • Plant + Flower = Garden
  • Grass + Plant = Garden
  • Lawn + Plant = Garden
  • Flower + Flower = Garden

Congrats! We can finally start using Garden to obtain even more elements.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Garden

For instance, Little Alchemy 2 is a game where players can always use a new element to obtain even more elements. Consequently, we can keep this up to explore the boundless world of Little Alchemy 2.

Moreover, the following list sums up all the elements we can obtain using Garden:

  • Garden + Animal = Bee + Butterfly
  • Garden + Bird = Hummingbird
  • Garden + Campfire = BBQ
  • Garden + City = Park
  • Garden + Fairy Tale = Gnome
  • Garden + Farmer = Gardener
  • Garden + Fence = Hedge
  • Garden + Glass = Greenhouse
  • Garden + Grass = Flower
  • Garden + Human = Gardener
  • Garden + Legend = Gnome
  • Garden + Owl = Hummingbird
  • Garden + Pigeon = Hummingbird
  • Garden + Plant = Flower
  • Garden + Sandwich = Picnic
  • Garden + Seagull = Hummingbird
  • Garden + Seed = Flower
  • Garden + Statue = Gnome
  • Garden + Story = Gnome
  • Garden + Vegetable = Carrot
  • Garden + Village = Park
  • Garden + Wall = Fence + Hedge
  • Garden + Wood = Fence

Woo! Your alchemy skills are amazing, and you shouldn’t let them go to waste.


Therefore, how about you keep going, and uncover secrets that lie deep in Little Alchemy 2’s enormous sea? Above all, you can always use the new elements you obtain to acquire even more elements. And, we will always be here just in case you need help.