How to Make Campfire in Little Alchemy 2

Campfire, one of the warmest things that makes you share stories while you are out camping with friends or family. Further, when you are out camping, you aren’t facilitated with technologies such as heaters to warm you up.

Hence, people gather some sticks then light them up to get the warmth of the campfire. And, that also makes one of the most memorable moments as you can play a song, cook some marshmallows, or anything you like.

In short, a campfire is a fire at a campsite burned to provide light and warmth. And, it also has many other uses such as an insect and predator deterrent. Lastly, if you were to get lost in the jungle, you can also light a campfire to serve as a beacon.

Nevertheless, our topic for today includes obtaining the Campfire element in Little Alchemy 2. Also, caution as Campfire is one of the most difficult elements to obtain in the game. For instance, it requires a total of 33 combinations and elements such as Sword, Plant, and Big.

However, we have simplified the process by breaking it into a total of 5 steps. So, we will slowly make out way to obtaining the Campfire element by first obtaining its key ingredients.

Since the process is really long, we can’t exactly define which elements are the key ones. But, we will be deciding which elements are the key ones as we have divided our 5 sections. That is, Stone, Sword, Plant, and Big are the 4 key ingredients of Campfire.

So without further ado, are you ready to sit by the campfire and make your camping a really good memory? If you are, let’s get right onto some alchemy!

Step 1: Create Stone

The Stone element is one of the most fundamental elements in Little Alchemy 2. Moreover, having this element can prove handy as all the tool elements require it. For instance, we will be obtaining the Sword element in our guide.

Hence, Little Alchemy 2 requires Stone in order to obtain Campfire. But, worry not as it is really simple to obtain Stone as shown below:

  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone

Since the stone age when humans learned to use stones to make tools and weapons, it has been a huge part of our civilization. Similarly, we will be using it to obtain the Sword element next.

Step 2: Create Sword

Are you wondering why in the world would a campfire require a sword to be lit? Well, our answer is Campfire requires Wood. Consequently, we will be needing some sharp object to retrieve Wood from Tree.

In the same vein, we will be using Sword to chop down some trees and obtain the Wood element. To clarify, you can obtain the Sword element as follows:

Hey! I just want to tell you that you are doing great. Similarly, our next section includes obtaining the Plant element. And, it could be a little longer than the other ones but I assure you, it is going to be really simple.

Step 3: Create Plant

Moving onto Plant, the element will give us access to the Tree element through which, we can obtain Wood. So obviously, the Plant element is also one of the key ingredients of Campfire.

In the meantime, we will also obtain Life which could prove really handy if you want to create any living being later in the future. Anyway, let’s not sway away from our track and get right into some alchemy.

In short, the following list shows how to obtain Plant in Little Alchemy 2:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life
  • Earth + Life = Soil
  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Earth + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Air + Planet = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud
  • Cloud + Water = Rain
  • Rain + Soil = Plant

Wooh! We just need one more key ingredient. After that, we will finally have our Campfire to light up our camp and give us warmth.

Step 4: Create Big

Likewise, the next key ingredient is the Big element. And perhaps, this element could also be one of the most interesting elements in Little Alchemy 2. Certainly, it gives us the ability to amplify any element and obtain its next evolution.

For example, we will be using the Big element to obtain Tree from Plant. But before that, you will need to follow the below steps to obtain Big:

  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Earth + Metal = Plow
  • Wall + Wall = House
  • Earth + Plow = Field
  • Fire + Life = Phoenix
  • Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg
  • Field + House = Bard
  • Barn + Egg = Chicken
  • Chicken + Egg = Philosophy
  • Philosophy + Planet = Big

Finally, we are just one step away from obtaining the Campfire element. So, let’s not make you wait further and get right onto it.

Step 5: Create Campfire

As we talked about before, we lit up small sticks to create a campfire. However, Little Alchemy 2 only features the Wood element. Hence, we will be using Wood and lighting it up to get the cozy campfire that we can use as we want.

In other words, you can obtain the Campfire element in the following way:

  • Big + Plant = Tree
  • Tree + Sword = Wood
  • Wood + Fire = Campfire

Wait! There’s still so much left that you can do with your campfire. Just like how we use campfire for different purposes, we can use Campfire to obtain many other elements in Little Alchemy 2. And, I am sure that you don’t wanna miss it.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Campfire

Little Alchemy 2 always lets players look forward to more adventures. In fact, just like how we have been using the same element to obtain newer elements, you can now use the Campfire element to obtain newer ones.

In addition, you can expect to obtain elements such as BBQ, Marshmallows, Smoke, etc. And, the below list shows all the elements you can obtain using Campfire:

  • Campfire + Brick = Fireplace
  • Campfire + Container = Fireplace
  • Campfire + Fabric = Smoke Signal
  • Campfire + Garden = BBQ
  • Campfire + Gun = Flamethrower
  • Campfire + Ham = Bacon
  • Campfire + House = BBQ + Fireplace
  • Campfire + Human = Cook + Story
  • Campfire + Meat = BBQ
  • Campfire + Metal = BBQ
  • Campfire + Paper = Ash
  • Campfire + Pig = Bacon
  • Campfire + Rain = Ash
  • Campfire + Steel = BBQ
  • Campfire + Storm = Smoke
  • Campfire + Sugar = Marshmallows
  • Campfire + Time = Ash + Smoke
  • Campfire + Wall = Fireplace
  • Campfire + Water = Ash + Smoke
  • Campfire + Witch = Cauldron
  • Campfire + Wolf = Dog

So, has your camping been cozy and memorable? Subsequently, you don’t need to worry if your journey is coming to an end. Instead, if you are interested, you can keep on going till you like.


Little Alchemy 2 is a boundless game that allows players to dive into an enormous sea full of secrets that lie deep. In the same vein, you can keep on discovering and exploring its depths and have all the adventure you want.

In conclusion, if you want to continue your journey from right here, you can use the above elements to obtain newer ones by combining them with other elements. So, go crazy out with your creativity and imagination!

Meanwhile, we will be right here cheering for you. And just in case you get lost, you can always count on us to have your back. Because Little Alchemy 2 might be simple but it’s difficult to reach your destination without a proper guideline.