How to Make Clock in Little Alchemy 2

As time passes, we all realize that time is the most important thing in the world. And certainly, clocks that let us know time play an important role in our lives. As a result, we can schedule everything accordingly, and put our efforts to achieve success.

Nevertheless, clocks come in different shapes and sizes. While sundials were used in the ancient ages to figure out the current time, they have been replaced by digital watches. However, nothing will ever beat a clock that stands proud hanging on a wall.

For instance, we all look at the clock tower in our city to know time. And, it keeps us all in disciple whether we are kids going to school, or parents leaving for the office. Therefore, our topic for today revolves around obtaining the Clock element in Little Alchemy 2.

Moreover, Clock is surely one of the most fascinating elements you can obtain. Whereas, we will be using Sundial and Electricity as the key ingredients. So without further ado, let’s get right into the process, shall we?

Walkthrough for Clock in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Electricity

Firstly, clocks are devices that work on certain mechanisms to show us time. That means it surely requires power to operate. Meanwhile, all the devices from today’s generation use Electricity as the source of power.

Hence, follow the below steps to obtain the Electricity element:

Woo! You are doing great.

Step 2: Create Human

Similarly, humans are the only beings who have worked according to time since ancient ages. As a result, we will be requiring the Human element to acquire Clock. Whereas, obtaining Human does require some hefty combinations.

To clarify, you can obtain the Human element as follows:

Finally, it’s time we create ourselves a perfect clock.

Step 3: Create Clock

That is, we now need to acquire Sundial using Human. Afterward, we can combine it with Electricity to obtain Clock. So, are you ready to make the world of Little Alchemy 2 work according to the time?

Moreover, the below steps will help you obtain the Clock element:

  • Human + Stone = Tool
  • Tool + Sun = Sundial
  • Sundial + Electricity = Clock

Congrats! You can easily view the current time using Clock now.

Alternative Ways to Obtain Clock

Whereas, letting out your creativity and finding new ways to get the same task done is an important part of Little Alchemy 2. And if you were trying to find new ways to obtain Clock, we will make it simpler for you.

To sum up, the following list shows all the alternative ways to obtain Clock:

  • Watch + Big = Clock
  • Electricity + Time = Clock
  • Container + Cuckoo = Clock
  • Machine + Time = Clock
  • Sundial + Wheel = Clock
  • Machine + Sundial = Clock
  • Time + Wheel = Clock
  • Time + Tool = Clock
  • Sundial + Tool = Clock

Well, look what you can do with creativity.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Clock

Nonetheless, it’s time we use the Clock element to obtain even more elements. Because what’s the point if we don’t use a new element we just acquired to explore more of Little Alchemy 2, right?

Hence, the below list shows all the elements you can obtain using the Clock element:

  • Clock + Bell = Alarm Clock
  • Clock + Bird = Cuckoo
  • Clock + Dawn = Alarm Clock
  • Clock + Egg = Egg Timer
  • Clock + Human = Watch
  • Clock + Hummingbird = Cuckoo
  • Clock + Light = Sundial
  • Clock + Owl = Cuckoo
  • Clock + Small = Watch
  • Clock + Sound = Alarm Clock
  • Clock + Sun = Sundial

Give yourself a huge pat! Look at all these cool elements you just obtained.


Nonetheless, Little Alchemy 2 is full of wonderful adventures like the ones we just had. So, make sure you keep exploring by trying out new combinations. And who knows, you might uncover a secret nobody knew till now.

Whereas, we are always ready to help you reach your destination. So, feel free to rely on us anytime, as our guides will make your journey even more interesting. Also, we will be cheering for you!