How to Make Broom in Little Alchemy 2

As simple as brooms seem, they are magicians’ favorite toys to play with. For instance, they perform tricks using brooms and also ride them for traveling purposes. Certainly, you might have seen in movies or cartoons how witches ride brooms, right?

Nevertheless, we only use brooms to sweep the floor and nothing special. Whereas, paintbrushes with flat heads look exactly like brooms, don’t they? Perhaps giants use brooms as paintbrushes.

Similarly, our topic for today revolves around obtaining the Broom element in Little Alchemy 2. And, there is only one way we can use to obtain Broom. Further, we will be using Hay and Wood to do so.

Since Wood is one of the most difficult elements to obtain, it does require some good dedication to obtain Broom. So without further ado, let’s get right into some alchemy and magic, shall we?

Walkthrough for Broom in Little Alchemy 2

Step 1: Create Hay

Above all, the head of a broom has a brush that looks pretty similar to hay. Consequently, Little Alchemy 2 requires the Hay element to create Broom. Also, it does require some hefty combinations to obtain Hay.

To clarify, follow the below steps to obtain the Hay element:

  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Pond
  • Pond + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea + Earth = Primordial Soup
  • Fire + Fire = Energy
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life
  • Life + Earth = Soil
  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent
  • Continent + Continent = Planet
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud
  • Cloud + Water = Rain
  • Rain + Soil = Plant
  • Plant + Earth = Grass
  • Grass + Grass = Hay

Great job! You do have some good alchemy skills. And, I am pretty sure you won’t have any trouble getting through this journey.

Step 2: Create Wood

Since the body of a broom is made out of wood, we require the Wood element to do so. And to obtain Wood, we first need to get ourselves Tree and chop it using tools. In this case, we will use Big to turn Plant into Tree and chop it using a Sword.

To sum up, the below steps will help you obtain the Wood element:

  • Life + Fire = Phoenix
  • Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg
  • Earth + Fire = Lava
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Stone + Fire = Metal
  • Metal + Earth = Plow
  • Plow + Earth = Field
  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Wall + Wall = House
  • House + Field = Barn
  • Barn + Egg = Chicken
  • Chicken + Egg = Philosophy
  • Philosophy + Planet = Big
  • Big + Plant = Tree
  • Stone + Metal = Blade
  • Blade + Metal = Sword
  • Sword + Tree = Wood

Wooh! We are just one step away from achieving our goal. So, let’s not waste any more time, alright?

Step 3: Create Broom

Doing tasks like creating things takes lots of effort in real-life. However, it’s really simple in Little Alchemy 2 as we don’t even need to think anything. Instead, we just combine two different elements and the game will do the rest.

In the same way, combine Wood with Hay to obtain Broom as follows:

  • Hay + Wood = Broom

Congrats! You have successfully obtained the Broom element. Whereas, you have also proved your alchemy skills.

Elements You Can Obtain Using Broom

Similarly, there is no way Little Alchemy 2 will allow players with your ability to move on without any reward. Hence, the game always has more adventures for you to go on. For instance, the next thing we can do is use Broom to obtain even more elements.

Therefore, the following list shows all the elements you can obtain using Broom:

  • Broom + Cauldron = Witch
  • Broom + Computer = Robot Vacuum
  • Broom + Container = Closet
  • Broom + Electricity = Vacuum Cleaner
  • Broom + Human = Witch
  • Broom + Legend = Witch
  • Broom + Machine = Vacuum Cleaner
  • Broom + Magic = Witch
  • Broom + Robot = Robot Vacuum
  • Broom + Story = Witch
  • Broom + Wizard = Witch

Give yourself a huge pat! Just like we obtained Witch and Wizard using Broom, you can also ride it and keep exploring.


Little Alchemy 2 is a boundless game where players can always find something new to do. Most importantly, the game wants players to use their creativity to keep exploring and discovering. So, feel free to use the new elements to obtain even more elements.

Meanwhile, we will be right here just in case you get lost. The game might be simple but it’s vast and you can easily get lost. So, keep exploring, adventurer!